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TicketX Reading List

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  1. Cal-cha


Want to keep up with the latest news on J-Pop and K-Pop? Check out Cal-cha! While the blog is written in Japanese, you can get all the news in English with just a click of a translation button.

This blog is owned by Asia’s largest ticket reseller, TicketJam, so if you are looking for tickets (especially in Japan), forget about the complicated lottery system and head to TicketJam to secure your ticket.

🎵 Cal-cha 🎵 is the place to go for helping up and coming artists build their presence in the industry. Check our their services and blog right here!

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About TicketX

TicketX is America's newest secondary ticket market, which debuted in July 2023. TicketX's mission is to provide the best ticket-selling and ticket-buying experience for American users. Thanks to our solid foundation built by TicketJam, the largest secondary ticket marketplace in Asia, TicketX promises to bring long-term support as well as world-class customer experience to the American audience. By leveraging the expertise and success of TicketJam as well as its Magazine, TicketX is poised to set new standards and redefine expectations in the dynamic world of resale ticket markets within America.