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Genre: J-pop, hard rock, electronic music, hard rock

Top Tracks: Useewa, New Genesis, Kura Kura, Show


Faceless and anonymous singer, Ado is one of Japan’s rising stars in the music scene. Pronounced as aw-doh,  Ado became a huge overnight hit in Japan after the release of her digital single “Useewa.” The singer may have begun by recording her music in her bedroom in a soundproofed closet as a teenager, but today, she is hosting arena tours across cities in Japan.

Ado’s Discography

In her music journey, Ado has bounced back and forth as a Vocaloid artist and a Utaite. The title of her first single, Useewa, is literally translated as “Don’t Be Loud,” but in the context Ado uses, it is more akin to “Shut the F*** Up” (or something equally angry and provocative). After its release in October 2020, Useewa soared to massive online success, amassing millions of views and streams and topping charts across Japan. The song is several minutes of furious, heart-pounding rock that, despite the anger in its lyrics, somehow makes you feel great after listening to it (a feeling of immense release, perhaps).

In January 2022, her debut album, Kyogen, was released. Later in the year, she voiced the story of Uta in a soundtrack album for the anime film One Piece Film: Red. The track, New Genesis off the album, has won several awards, including Song of the Year at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards Japan. Sprinkled in Ado’s discography are chart-topping singles like Show, Odo, Backlight, I’m Invincible, and Kura Kura. The latter was featured as the opening theme song on the wildly popular Japanese animated series Spy x Family. Ado has also scored a collaboration on the song, Unforgiven with K-pop stars Le Sserafim.

Ado On Tour

In 2022, two years after her debut, Ado embarked on her first nationwide tour in Japan, Shinkiro (Mirage). This tour was closely followed by the Mars tour, held in eleven different locations in Japan. When performing, despite being anonymous, Ado appears in person on stage at times, often shrouded in dark lighting. However, in her videos, Ado generally prefers to be represented by animated sequences. In April 2024, Ado will appear in Japan’s National Stadium as the first-ever solo female artist to hold a solo show in the venue. Her first world tour, Wish would also take place between February - April of the same year, with the European and American legs sponsored by Crunchyroll.

Upcoming Concerts

March 9, 2024 - ING Arena, Brussels, Belgium

March 11, 2024 - Zenith Paris, La Villette, Paris

March 13, 2024 - Troxy, London

March 16, 2024 - Mitsubishi Electric Halle - D.Live, Dusseldorf, Germany

March 23, 2024 - Palladium Times Square, New York

March 25, 2024 - Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

March 29, 2024 - Peacock Theater, Los Angeles

April 1, 2024 - H-E-B Center, Austin

April 27-28, 2024 - Japan National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

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The setlist of the 2024 Wish Tour includes 21 tracks. Fans can expect performances of tracks like Shin Jidai, Lucky Bruto, Readymade, Utakata Lullaby, and Ashura-chan. The middle of the tour’s setlist is marked by the performances of Motherland, Gira Gira, and Tot Musica. In addition, Ado is likely to deliver cover renditions of Aishite Aishite Aishite, Mayonaka no Door, and Senbonzakura. The concert encore concludes the show with Ado performing Gyakkou, FREEDOM, and Odo.

Ado Concert Reviews

Ado is known for her secretive identity and anime-like persona, characterized by dynamic vocal styles covering VOCALOID songs. At her venues, a strict no-photography policy called "Ado Box" is enforced to preserve her mystique, requiring fans to engage in a private show experience. The concerts feature visually stunning setups with complex light shows and visuals that align with the themes of each song. Fans clad in merchandise featuring her anime-style artwork fervently support her, while Ado performs from within a cube, only revealing her silhouette. Her music blends pop, jazz, EDM, and hip-hop with a heavy metal vocal style, captivating fans across multiple genres. Despite her anonymity, Ado deeply resonates with the audience, her powerful and enigmatic presence leaving fans exhilarated. If you wish to experience the voice of this mysterious singer, consider attending her concert. If the tickets seem too pricey, perhaps it's worth saving this time to add to your concert ticket fund. At TicketX, you can purchase tickets with the lowest industry fees. As the concert date approaches, ticket prices tend to rise, so it's advisable to secure your tickets early.

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