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AJR Tickets

Year of Formation: 2005

Members: Adam Met, Jack Met, Ryan Met

Genre: Pop/Indie

Top Tracks: Bang!, Sober Up, Burn the House Down.

Top Albums: The Click, Neotheater.


The City of New York was their discovery place and their launch pad, now telling stories of a beautiful career’s humble beginning. AJR is an indie pop band made up of a trio of brothers: Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. They have been active since 2005, starting out with song covers and street performances before eventually making themselves known with a big bang when they released I’m Ready.

The breakout single was a huge hit that served as a segue to their debut album, Living Room. The project was released in 2015, the start of the band’s impeccable run.

AJR Tours and Concerts 2024

AJR is currently on tour across the United States in promotion of their 5th Studio album, The Maybe Man. The tour, which is also named after the album project, is their first-ever arena tour, making it what urban lingo would refer to as a canon event.

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AJR Tour Dates and Locations

The Maybe Man tour has been running since the month of April. If you’re looking to score a ticket to the remaining dates of the tour, here are the tour dates and locations for you to plan for.

The next concert date is scheduled for the 12th of May at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. It is followed up by a performance at Hard Rock LiveHollywood Florida. Right after their takeover of the city of Florida, the band is set to hit Norfolk, Virginia on the 23rd of June to perform at the Scope Arena. The indie pop trio is going to be pulling out all the stops until the tour wraps up in August.

AJR Tour Setlist

While AJR’s setlist might vary depending on the venue, the band commonly performs famous top-ranked songs along with a selection of new tracks that fans of the group have yet to hear performed live.

You can find some of the tracks on the Maybe Man Tour Setlist outlined below:

  • Maybe Man

  • Sober Up

  • Touchy Feely Fool

  • Inertia

  • Bang!

  • Yes I’m a Mess

  • Karma

  • Burn the House Down

How Much Are AJR Tickets?

AJR has been on a streak in recent years, so naturally, their tickets are costing an arm and leg. Ticket prices may vary depending on venues and dates, so please check for tickets based on the venues and dates of events that you might be interested in attending, and look out for more tips on how to get the best deals on TicketX magazine. Explore 2-minute read articles like How to Get the Cheapest Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tickets.

How to Find the Cheapest AJR Tickets

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