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Age: (age 38) February 8, 1986

Genre: Hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul

Top Albums:

  • Oxnard

  • Yes! Lawd

  • Venice

Top Tracks:

  • Come Down

  • Tints

  • Coast


Anderson .Paak, born Brandon Paak Anderson, is a rapper, singer, and record producer from Oxnard, California. He released a mixtape in 2012 and a debut album in 2014 with a second following in 2016. His second album, Malibu, got him a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album, but his third album, Oxnard, won him a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. He has since won two other Grammy awards. Apart from his solo career, he has performed with artists like Bruno Mars.

Anderson .Paak Tour 2024

Tour Name: The Malibu Tour38

Tour Dates: September 18-October 13

Funk-soul artist Anderson .Paak is embarking on a 14-concert tour, which will feature his breakthrough album from 2016 sharing the tour’s name. The 38-year-old said the tour came about after the excitement over a show he did at the Hollywood Bowl featuring that album. If you want to see the multi-instrumentalist Anderson .Paak in person, will be performing in cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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How Much Are Anderson .Paak Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Anderson .Paak tickets (as of June 28):

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Anderson .Paak Los Angeles Tickets

The price of Anderson .Paak tickets vary depending on location and popularity. For example, we compared the prices of tickets for his concert on September 24 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California (as of June 28).

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Anderson .Paak Tour Details

Anderson .Paak Tour Opener

For the 2024 tour, special guests Maurice Brown and GAWD will join Anderson .Paak on all dates.

How Long Are Anderson .Paak Concerts?

The tour has yet to start, but Anderson .Paak intends to play the entire “Malibu” album, in addition to possibly some other tunes. The album has 15 songs on it, so fans, and the experts on are expecting the concert to be 90-120 minutes long.

Anderson .Paak Setlist

Anderson .Paak's Tour setlist may change depending on the venue and dates. The artist plans to play all of the “Malibu” album at concerts on the tour. Those songs are listed below from the He may play other popular songs of his as well.

  • Come Down

  • Heart Don’t Stand a Chance

  • Am I Wrong

  • Put Me Thru

  • The Waters

  • The Seasons/Carry Me

  • The Bird

  • Room in Here

  • The Dreamer

  • Without You

  • Am I Wrong/Life Weight

  • Silicon Valley

  • Parking Lot

  • Celebrate

Anderson .Paak Tour Merch

Based on the official Anderson .Paak online shop, fans will see plenty of “Malibu” merchandise on the road during the tour. Here are some items and their price ranges:

















Anderson .Paak Upcoming Concerts





Shambhala 2024 Festival

July 26


Salmo, BC, Canada

Anderson .Paak Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: NxWorries

Tour Dates: May 25-July 28, 2023

The consensus of reviews on Live Rate of Anderson .Paak’s 2023 concerts is that he is a great live performer. His shows are spectacular, according to fans, and worth seeing. Shows were described as energetic, joyful, captivating, and dazzling.

No artist can make every fan happy and there were some that were disappointed that the live versions of songs didn’t sound more like they did on the records. Some also complained that shows started well after they were scheduled to begin.

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Anderson .Paak 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

Anderson .Paak is worth $6 million as of 2024, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Net worth for celebrities can be hard to calculate. They have a lot of sources of income, which isn’t conducive to a 9 to 5 regular paycheck. There is some financial information is private and inaccessible.

Anderson .Paak has 15 stops on his upcoming tour. Even if he gets just $100,000 per stop, he will net $1.5 million from the concerts.

Music Metric Vault shows that he has 25 million listeners on Spotify each month. With just $0.01 per stream, he would get $3 million from that avenue.

With special appearances, merchandise, endorsements, and other items, Anderson .Paak stands to make at least $4.5 million in 2024.

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