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Andrew Santino

Age: 40 (October 16, 1983)

Genre: Stand-up Comedy, Comedy Podcasts, Comedic Acting, YouTube Comedy

Comedy Specials:

  • Home Field Advantage

  • Cheeseburger

TV Series and Movies:

  • Dave

  • The Disaster Artist

  • Sin City Saints

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Arrested Development

Andrew Santino

One of comedian Andrew Santino’s greatest strengths has always been his ability to laugh at himself, an important character trait as a red-haired man in the cutthroat podcasting/stand-up comedy industry. Fellow comedians may have inflicted nicknames like Cheeto Santino, The Last of the Great Gingers, and Agent Orange on him. Still, Santino never blinks an eye, giving as good as he gets at every opportunity. While best known for his stand-up comedy and his comedy podcasts, such as his own podcast Whiskey Ginger and The Bad Friends Podcast that he does with fellow comedian Bobby Lee, Santino is also an accomplished actor, having appeared in such major movies and TV shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, and Beef. Get your tickets from TicketX today and be there to enjoy one of America’s funniest comedians, Andrew Santino, live on stage.

Andrew Santino Tour 2024

Tour Name: Freeze Peach Tour

Tour Dates: September 14, 2024-February 22, 2025

Andrew Santino has been on tour in 2024 across the United States since January, sending audiences into hysterics with wry observational humor, harsh self-deprecating humor, and mockery of whatever crosses his sightline. He has done extended stays during this tour at select venues, including the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, California, the Houston Improv in Houston, Texas, Funny Bone Comedy Club in Tampa, Florida, and the Addison Improv in Addison, Texas.

At present, Santino has just released the dates of his new tour while he wraps up his existing tour at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, California. Andrew Santino often schedules extra shows at short notice, so be sure to keep an eye on TicketX just in case.

Thanks to his comedy specials, touring, and appearances in comedy podcasts, movies, and TV shows, Andrew Santino has become well-known as a top comedian. Demand for tickets to see Andrew Santino live on stage is, therefore, very high these days. Don’t wait! TicketX has the cheapest tickets to Andrew Santino comedy shows. Unlike other resale sites such as StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, where fees vary by venue, ticket type, or ticket price, TicketX maintains a set service fee of 20%, no matter what. Purchase your Andrew Santino tickets today with a single click; be reassured to know that you have found the lowest commission fees around!

How much are Andrew Santino tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Andrew Santino tickets on his 2024 tour are:

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On TicketX, the cheapest Andrew Santino ticket is . Prices of Andrew Santino tickets often vary based on popularity and location.

Andrew Santino Tour Details

Andrew Santino Tour Opener

Andrew Santino usually travels with at least one or two other top comedians as an opener and middle act (or occasionally fulfills these roles) whenever he tours. He also participates in comedy festivals or group events such as Netflix is a Joke or the upcoming Long Time No See event at the Hollywood Improv in July.

Andrew Santino Live Comedy Sets

Andrew Santino’s live comedy sets tend to include a mixture of polished material and new jokes that he is workshopping (as with most comedians. Santino’s comedy ranges from the everyday mundane to the extremely edgy. Here are a few topics that his comedy tends to return to:

  • Political correctness

  • Sports

  • Racism and race

  • Marriage

  • Gender relations and gender

  • Religion

  • Marriage and parenting

Santino is also known for joking about his mother (or trading barbs with Bobby Lee about each other’s mothers), but he is actually very close to her, which is perhaps unsurprising as she raised him as a single parent. The comedian is also a master of poking fun at things online, such as his humorous set of X posts about houses for sale in Los Angeles.

Andrew Santino Movies and TV Shows

Along with his comedy podcasts, stand-up comedy specials, and live stand-up shows, Santino’s acting talents have brought him more and more roles in movies and TV shows in recent years. Some of his most notable appearances in movies and TV shows are listed below.

Andrew Santino Movies

Andrew Santino has appeared in the following movies in recent years:

  • The Disaster Artist (2017)

  • Friendsgiving (2020)

  • House Party (2023)

  • Scrambled (2023)

Andrew Santino TV Shows

Andrew Santino has made appearances in the following TV shows recently:

  • Arrested Development (2013)

  • American Dad! (2016, voice acting)

  • This Is Us (2016-2022)

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (2020)

  • Dave (2020-2023)

  • Beef (2023)

Andrew Santino Upcoming Events

Andrew Santino currently has one upcoming comedy event in 2024 (see below). This is highly likely to change, however, so check back on TicketX for the latest updates on upcoming events featuring Andrew Santino live (and to get your hands on the cheapest Andrew Santino tickets around!).




Long Time No See

July 10

Hollywood Improv (Los Angeles, CA)

Andrew Santino 2024 Net Worth

According to the Wealthendipity website, Andrew Santino’s net worth currently stands at an estimated $5 million, though other websites claim that it could be as high as $5 million. In his early years, Santino accumulated most of his fortune from touring, podcast revenues, and merchandise. Recent years will have seen increased revenue from movie and TV roles, as well as his 2 comedy specials.

Fans should be aware that calculating net worth is notoriously difficult due to the complex nature of tabulating and collating ticket sales, royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements. Most financial information is also not shared with the public.

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