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Arijit Singh

Age: 37 (April 25, 1987)

Genre: Bollywood

Top Albums:

  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

  • Tum Hi Ho

  • Raabta

Top Tracks:

  • Channa Mereya

  • Tum Hi Ho

  • Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is a music composer and playback singer from India who has recorded songs in several different Indian languages like Hindi and Bengali. He performs in a diverse region of musical genres and has contributed to Bollywood Music in significant ways. His career began in 2005 and since then, he has received National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards, among many others. Arijit Singh is the most followed Asian artist on Spotify.

Arijit Singh Tour 2024

Tour Name: Arijit Singh Live in Concert

Tour Dates: July 13-August 17

Arijit Singh spent his early career writing and singing musical pieces for ads, but now, he’s made it into the movies and beyond. With his long list of musical numbers, a tour is the perfect way to hear more of his talent all at once. During his limited 2024 tour, he will visit both Australia and the United Kingdom in several locations.

Since this tour is limited, tickets will go fast. It’s not every day that fans are able to catch a talent like this live and in person. TicketX saves you money by giving you the lowest commission fees, which are also fixed and never change. This is different than other resale websites and a great advantage to you.

How Much Are Arijit Singh Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Arijit Singh tickets (as of June 27):

Ticket Resale Site

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On TicketX, the cheapest Arijit Singh ticket is from .

Arijit Singh Manchester Tickets

The price of Arijit Singh varies depending on the country and his popularity in that region. Here, we compared Arijit the prices of Arijit Singh Live in Concert tickets for his concert in Manchester, Great Britain on August 11, 2024 at the Co-op Live (as of June 29).

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Arijit Singh Tour Details

Arijit Singh Tour Opener

Arijit Singh is a completely unique performer and has not announced an opening act for his tour. If he decides to add a guest, TicketX will have those details for you.

How Long Are Arijit Singh Concerts?

Ticket Point reported that fans can expect Arijit Singh concerts to last up to 3 hours and 45 minutes!

Arijit Singh Setlist

Arijit Singh’s Tour setlist may not be set yet, as there is no data on what he will play. However, Concerty reports these are the top ten songs you are likely to hear when he’s live this year

  • Satranga

  • Chaleya

  • Heeriye

  • Kesariya

  • What Jhumka?

  • Apna Bana Le

  • Tum Kya Mile

  • Agar Tum Saath Ho

  • Phir Kya Chahiye

Arijit Singh Tour Merch

There is no hard and fast information on tour merch for Arijit Singh, but according to Red Bubble and many other websites, there are plenty of options on the market. You will likely be able to find albums, t-shirts, hats, and other items, though the price points are unclear as of June 27.

Arijit Singh Upcoming Concerts

As of June 28, Arijit Singh doesn’t have any other events scheduled right now, outside of his tour dates. As a busy recording artist, he spends a lot of time in the studio, so his time for concerts and appearances is limited. Keep an eye on TicketX for updates on added events and concert.

Arijit Singh Tour 2017 Review

Tour Name: Arijit Singh 2017 Tour

Tour Dates: April 7-29

Medium reported on the concert Arijit Singh gave on April 14 in a packed house at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago. Fans said it was a truly magical night. The singer was humble and showed gratitude to the audience as he went through some of his ballads. His devotion to his craft was evident, and fans got to sing along when they knew the lyrics. Fans were in awe of his talent as he played guitar and piano and sang during the concert.

A few fans from this tour said the concert was bland, and they didn’t like Arijit Singh in person as much as they thought they would. Even the fans that enjoyed the concerts had some complaints about certain venues on the road and the sound systems they had in place.

Tickets are limited for the 2024 tour, so if you want to see Arijit Singh in concert, check with TicketX for details!

Arijit Singh 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

The Youth did an article on the best Bollywood singers, and they stated that Arijit Singh is by far the best of the bunch. They state that his net worth is around 50 rupees. Since 1 Rupee equals over $120,000, that would translate to a net worth of $6 million.

Net worth is notoriously hard to estimate, especially when dealing with an international artist and different monetary rates. Artists like Arijit Singh gather income from concerts, music sales, merchandising, appearances, and many other avenues, all of which are hard to figure. Plus, some financial information is completely private.

Arijit Singh charges 4 lakhs for each song he creates. 1 lakh equals $100,000, so he charges $400,000 for every song. His Spotify playlist has two new songs listed from 2024 so far. If he creates two more with the rest of the year ahead of him, he will make at least $1.6 million on song creation this year.

Since Arijit Singh is touring this year, he will make money from concert revenue. His tours are short, but his popularity is large, and the venues often sell out. Even if he only makes $100,000 from each concert, he will net $500,000 or more with the spots on his tour as of June 28.

Kworb shows Arijit Singh’s streaming numbers. He gets upwards of 300,000 streams per day. If each stream brings in just $0.01, he would stand to make over $1 million from that as well.

Arijit Singh should make $3.6 million or more in 2024.

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