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Genre: Pop

Top Tracks: "if u think i'm pretty," "cross my heart," "just want you to feel something"


After going big for making music on TikTok, Artemas keyed into his sudden fame, and today he has multiple songs that have beat the 1 million streams mark many times over. Artemas is an English singer, songwriter, and producer who blends different music genres to entertain his audience.

From his experience on Tiktok, Artemas is no stranger to viral success, but he puts effort into every new song like it has to be his first hit song. Every new Artemas release has a unique, refreshing sound and the potential to outdo the last one.

His song, “If You Think I’m Pretty,” has over 72 million streams on Spotify. Artemas‘ skill is blending different genres. In this song, he put together a mesmerizing blend of dark R&B and electronic elements, featuring powerful basslines, groovy vibes, and an anthemic atmosphere. The work on this song differs from what he did on his hit track, "Cross My Heart," which ingeniously combines R&B and Jersey club influences. Today, “Cross My Heart’ has also gotten about 21 million streams on Spotify.

Artemas is an abundant source of creativity, and there are no doubts he's destined to become a superstar soon. Keep a close watch on the young singer because he's a rising star in the making.

Artemas’s Upcoming Events or Tour in 2024?

Artemas has announced that he will be back on stage in 2024, and fans can’t wait to see the former TikTok sensation perform his viral music live. His events are scheduled for May, and the four shows will cross venues in New York and California. He hasn’t announced any dates for other 2024 shows, but when he does, all the updates will be on TicketX. If you want to be at the Artemas concert in May, grab one of the cheap tickets here on TicketX before other dedicated fans beat you to them.

Pretty Tour Schedule

Artemas’ eagerly anticipated mixtape ‘Pretty’ was released in February 2024 alongside 2 London shows which sold out in under 20 minutes. The release of new single came ahead of Artemas’ headline show at Village Underground, UK on May 21st. He is planning to go on an international tour just ahead of the Summer. Concerts schedule in North America are not revealed yet.

Other events

They also perform at small music venues which has hosted past perfomers including SZA, Cypress Hill, Lil Yachty, Blood Orange, Charli XCX, Mac DeMarco, James Murphy, David Byrne, Hot Chip, Courtney Barnett, Willow Smith, Jack White, Billie Eilish & many more. You can experience the intimate atmosphere and connections with artists and audience there.

  • May 04 - Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

  • May 05 - Babys All Right, Brooklyn, NY

  • May 08 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA

  • May 09 - Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles, CA

How to Get Artemas Cheap Tickets?

The cost of secondary tickets reflects the value of the original tickets, which are influenced by the venue, the artist, and many other factors, so ticket prices will always differ. However, regardless of the artist or venue, if your ticket sale platform overcharges you, tickets will always cost more than they should.

TicketX collects the lowest commission fee- 3% on a ticket sale to ensure you can get an affordable ticket. Check out the prices here and crosscheck with other platforms to see where you get a better deal.

Artemas’s Setlist?

Artemas's setlist might vary depending on venues, but he likely sings "If You Think I'm Pretty," "Cross My Heart," and "Just Want You to Feel Something," along with a selection of new tracks that Artemas fans have yet to hear live.

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