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Born: Hongjoong (Nov 07, 1998, age 25), Seonghwa (Apr 03, 1998, age 26), Yunho (Mar 23, 1999, age 25), Yeosang (Jun 15, 1999, age 24), San (Jul 10, 1999, age 24), Mingi (Aug 09, 1999, age 24), Wooyoung (Nov 26, 1999, age 24), Jongho (Oct 12, 2000, age 23)

Genre: K-pop

Top Albums:

  • Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action

  • The World EP.Fin: Will

  • Into the A to Z

Top Tracks:

  • Wonderland

  • Answer

  • Say My Name


Ateez has already been a big deal in their native South Korea for quite some time, having formed in 2018 as an eight-member boy band. The group also has a considerable following in Japan, even choosing to release songs in Japanese as well as Korean to cater to this fanbase. The group has also proven popular with Western audiences. The group appeared at Coachella 2024 and will be making 10 North American stops on their upcoming 2024 world tour.

Ateez Tour 2024


Tour Dates: July 17, 2024-August 10, 2024

Ateez is heading to North America for a 2024 tour to promote their brand new extended play Golden Hour: Part.1, as well as trying to grow their fandom in Canada and the United States. The ten-concert 2024 Ateez tour kicks off in Tacoma, Washington at the Tacoma Dome on July 14, 2024, followed by stops at massive venues such as BMO Stadium (Los Angeles, CA), Footprint Center (Phoenix, AZ), Scotiabank Arena (Toronto, ON, Canada), and Citi Field (Flushing, NY). The tour wraps up at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on August 10, 2024.

Ateez has a huge following across Asia and a quickly developing fanbase in Europe, North America, and South America, so concerts on their 2024 world tour are certain to sell out quickly, including their limited US dates. Don’t be the one who misses out! Get onto TicketX for all the cheapest tickets to Ateez concerts on their upcoming world tour. Unlike other resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster where fees vary by venue, ticket type, or ticket price, TicketX maintains a fixed fee of 20%, no matter what. Purchase your Ateez tickets today with a single click, all with the lowest commission fees around!

How much are Ateez tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Ateez tickets for their 2024 world tour are:

Ticket Resale Site

Ateez Ticket Prices







On TicketX, the cheapest Ateez ticket is $63.56 at Oakland Arena on Jul 17.

Prices of Ateez tickets vary depending on popularity and location. As one example, we compared the cheapest prices of Ateez tickets for Toronto and New York. (as of May 29)

Ateez Toronto Tickets

Venue: Scotiabank Arena (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Date: Aug 8, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Ateez New York Tickets

Venue: Citi Field (Flushing, NY)

Date: Aug 3, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Ateez Tour Details

Ateez Tour Opener

Ateez does not tend to travel with official openers, but the band has been known to feature other artists and special guests, meaning that you never quite know who might show up at one of their concerts. Keep an eye on TicketX for further updates!

Ateez Setlist

The following setlist from is based on the band’s recent concerts, though songs from Ateez’s new extended play Golden Hour: Part.1 will likely feature frequently on their 2024 tour. Ateez’s Tour setlist may also change based on the venue, date, and artist’s preferences.

  • Say My Name

  • Guerrilla

  • HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)

  • The Real

  • Wave

Ateez Tour Merch

When Ateez is on tour, fans can expect their merchandise to be priced more or less in line with the items in their online store (see below):











Fan Pack


Ateez Upcoming Events

Aside from the ten concerts of their upcoming tour of North America, Ateez doesn’t seem to have any other concerts or appearances scheduled at the moment. This is very likely to change, however, so be sure to check back at TicketX for updates on more upcoming events featuring Ateez (and to get your hands on the cheapest tickets around!).

About Ateez

While your average American music fan has probably never heard of Ateez, those who love K-pop, love it, meaning that the band has a large enough fan base in North America to fill some of the continent’s biggest venues. Their performance at Coachella in 2024, the first-ever appearance at the vaunted festival by a K-pop boy band, also did a lot to boost their worldwide profile.

Ateez’s 2024 net worth

According to various financial websites, each band member of Ateez is believed to possess an approximate current net worth of $1 million, though there is quite a lot of uncertainty regarding the accuracy of these numbers. Fans should note that calculating net worth is notoriously difficult due to the complex nature of accounting for ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements as well as the fact that most financial information remains private.

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