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Bon Jovi

Members: Jon Bon Jovi (March 2, 1962, age 62), David Bryan (February 7, 1962, age 62), Tico Torres (October 7, 1953, age 70), Phil X (March 10, 1966, age 58), Hugh McDonald (December 28, 1950, age 73)

Genre: Rock

Top Albums:

  • Slippery When Wet

  • These Days

  • New Jersey

Top Tracks:

  • Wanted: Dead or Alive

  • It’s My Life

  • Livin’ on a Prayer

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi does have more than one member, but as far as fans are concerned, it’s all about the front man: pop rock icon Jon Bon Jovi. With one of the most recognizable (and handsome!) faces in all of pop music, Jon Bon Jovi is aging like a fine wine, still blessed with the same charisma, charm, and soaring voice that brought him and his bandmates worldwide fame in the 1980s and 90s. ****While Bon Jovi were ****sometimes derided in their prime by fans (or jealous fellow musicians) of heavy metal and hard rock who considered the band too mainstream, the number of people worldwide who still love nothing more than to sing along to uplifting belters like “Livin’ on a Prayer” or “It’s My Life” speaks to the power of Bon Jovi’s enduring popular appeal. All but two of Bon Jovi’s original members are still with the band as they continue to tour and make music together.

Bon Jovi Tour 2024

Tour Name: TBA

Tour Dates: TBA

Bon Jovi’s most recent tour was their Bon Jovi 2022 Tour, a short tour of 15 shows in major venues across North America. No announcements have been made yet about future tours, but keep an eye on TicketX for the latest news on upcoming Bon Jovi tours, especially with the upcoming release of the band’s 16th album Forever, which features the single “Legendary” (released in March). While Jon Bon Jovi has announced that health issues may make extended tours difficult for him in the near future, don’t bet against the band being back on tour again in the near future to promote their newest album. And look out for Bon Jovi performing from time to time at select venues too!

How much are Bon Jovi Tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Bon Jovi tickets based on their most recent tour, the previous Bon Jovi Tour, were:

Ticket Resale Site

Bon Jovi Ticket Price Range



Ticket Smarter


Bon Jovi Tour Details

Bon Jovi Tour Opener

No announcements have yet been made about future Bon Jovi tours, but it seems likely that the band will tour in some capacity soon to promote their new album Forever. Check back on TicketX for updates on upcoming Bon Jovi tours.

Bon Jovi Setlist

Unlike many older bands who prefer to stick to the hits that made them famous, Bon Jovi’s setlist for concerts usually consists of a mixture of new releases and classics. The band tends to give the fans a little of what they know at first, perhaps pumping them up with a bit of “It’s My Life” or "You Give Love a Bad Name" before slowing things down a bit with a bit of the rock-country classic “Wanted: Dead or Alive” or the tear jerker “Always.” New material will no doubt include their newest single “Legendary” as well as other tracks from their soon to be released album Forever. And you know that at some point, definitely, in any Bon Jovi concert, you’ll be “Livin’ on a Prayer.

Bon Jovi Tour Merch

When Bon Jovi decides to head out on tour again, fans can expect their merchandise to fall roughly within the price ranges listed on their online store (see below):



Denim Jacket






Black Vinyl + Poster


Black Vinyl + Poster


Monopoly Game


Black Vinyl + Poster + T-shirt


Bon Jovi Upcoming Events

Bon Jovi has made no announcements of upcoming events (do not confuse the band with The Bon Jovi Experience, which is a tribute band). Make sure to check TicketX for any updates on upcoming events featuring Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi - 2022 Tour Review

Tour Name: Bon Jovi 2022 Tour

Tour Dates: April 1, 2022-April 30, 2022

Bon Jovi’s Bon Jovi 2022 Tour was a mini-tour that took place throughout April of 2022 across North America. The tour was launched in the CHI Health Center of Omaha, Nebraska on April 1 and continued on through major venues such as American Airlines Center (Dallas, Texas), Moody Center ATX (Austin, Texas), and Spectrum Center (Charlotte, North Carolina) before winding up at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fans responded to Bon Jovi’s 2022 tour with nostalgic enthusiasm. “The oldies are always the fan favorites, but learning the new songs is awesome too,” explained one fan from North Carolina, while one die-hard fan from Minnesota said that it was “so fun to see multi[ple] generations at the same show.”

Bon Jovi are not currently on tour in 2024, but please keep checking TicketX for updates!

About Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi was founded in 1983 in New Jersey when lead singer Jon Bon Jovi (real name: Jon Bongiovi!), who had already been performing locally from the age of 13. A job at a local recording studio led to the young vocalist meeting other musicians and a band eventually coalesced around him. Together, as Bon Jovi, they hit the heights in the late 1980s with their chart-topping album Slippery When Wet (named after a Vancouver strip club) that featured two of their biggest-ever hits in "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Livin' on a Prayer." While Jon Bon Jovi moved on to solo projects as well in later years, including acting roles in Hollywood movies, the band has more or less continued through the years, releasing music and touring from time to time. Thank You, Goodnight, a 2024 Hulu documentary, was a surprisingly moving and well-made investigation into Bon Jovi’s earlier years that earned strong reviews.

Bon Jovi’s 2024 net worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, Jon Bon Jovi’s personal net worth is estimated at $410 million. Other members of the band come nowhere near to this number in terms of net worth, but rest assured that they are all doing very well financially, given that Bon Jovi is among the best-selling music acts of all time! Fans should note that calculating net worth is notoriously difficult due to the complex nature of accounting for ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements as well as the fact that most financial information remains private.

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