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May 22



Harvard Athletic Complex

Boston, MA

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Boston Calling Music Festival

A three-day, multi-stage event that roll-calls performances from some of the music, comedy, art and film industry biggest names, the Boston Calling Music Festival started in 2013 at City Hall Plaza in downtown Boston. After several successful, critically acclaimed installations, it moved to the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston in a bid to expand its programming.

Moving to the complex helped the festival accommodate larger crowds, a lot more extensive facilities, and a broader range of activities, including food vendors, art installations and interactive experiences. The move solidified it as a must-attend event on the cultural calendar of the region. The inaugural edition featured top acts like Fun., The National, and Marina and the Diamonds.

In its foremost editions, Boston Calling Music Festival drew a base of 20,000 to 22,000 fanatics. This testified to its growing popularity and appeal. By 2017, its attraction had almost doubled, having 40,000 festival-goers convening to experience the extravaganza. The rather exponential growth inspired its organizer to seek the new home.

Evolution of the festival

Central to the event's allure and runway success is its carefully-made lineup, which is co-curated by Aaron Dessner of The National. By way of this joint effort, there is a harmonious blend of high-profile headliners and emerging talent spanning various genres of music and entertainment.

Its past editions have featured a compelling artist roster, featuring the likes of Beck, Sia, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala and Vampire Weekend, among others. This mix is a reflection of the festival’s dedication to showcasing a diversity of voices and pushing the boundaries of on-stage expression.

Behind the scenes, Boston-based entertainment production firm Crash Line Productions orchestrates the magic of Boston Calling. Recognized for its expertise when it comes to the production of events, the company brings a wealth of experience to the table. Crash Line Productions’ record also includes the much-acclaimed Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

As the Boston Calling Music Festival continues to innovate, it remains a cultural institution intricately woven into the web of Boston’s vibrant arts scenery. From its small start in the city plaza to its current status as a marquee occasion at the Harvard Athletic Complex, it has united, inspired and transformed enough to become one for virtually all eyes and ears in town.

With every passing year, the festival remains a metropolitan favorite, using creativity and camaraderie to draw scores of devotees and shaping the city’s cultural landscape.

How to get cheap tickets to Boston Calling

Avid music enthusiasts like yourself attest to the Boston Calling being an absolute must to attend. Hardly matched by any other event in the region, it has the very best of experiences to offer. If you want to attend, whether for the first or umpteenth time, you can secure tickets in the most hassle-free way on TicketX.

This time around, the festival will be held from May 24-26 in what will busy the streets of Boston and perhaps beyond. Recognizing the effects of rush-hour ticketing, TicketX stands out as a fast-moving ticket-selling platform that offers access to viewing spaces at barely beatable prices and seamless processes.

As a standout feature, the platform has remarkably low commission rates as a way to ensure attendees get the best possible deals. In addition, it provides a live feature enabling users to track vacant seats and help them make more informed decisions about their seating arrangements, particularly when spectating in groups.

From the city center, you can get to the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston via bus, subway, or train. Also, you can take ride-sharing cabs or drive there yourself, as it is relatively easy to locate.

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