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Brenton Wood

Born: July 26, 1941 (82 years)

Genre: R&B / Soul

Top Albums:

  • Oogum Boogum

  • Gimme Little Sign

  • Baby You Got It

Top Tracks:

  • The Oogum Boogum Song

  • Gimme Little Sign

  • I Like The Way You Love Me

Brenton Wood

At the beginning of his singing career (early 1960s), Brenton Wood was initially unfamiliar: his first single for Brent Records and Wand Records did not make it into the charts. His move to Double Shot Records brought about a turnaround in his success – "The Oogum Boogum Song" reached number 19 on the US Billboard R&B charts and number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1967.

This was followed by his biggest hit "Gimme Little Sign", the song reaching number 9 in the pop charts, 19 in the R&B charts, 2 in the KHJ and 8 in the British singles charts. Brenton Wood is now 82 years old and is still known by many R&B and soul lovers.

Brenton Wood Tour 2024

Brenton Wood will be on stage at the Fool in Love Festival. The event is a mix of traditional Soul and RnB music, providing the new generation of artists with an opportunity to perform with their icons. Just as it is colorful in staging, it is an unforgettable experience. Listen to Brenton Wood and the memorable concert of his performance in this fantastic show.

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How Much Are Brenton Wood Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Brenton Wood tickets for the Fool in Love Festival (as of June 10):

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Brenton Wood Tour Merch

There is general Brenton Wood merch you can buy on Bandcamp – there are no details about official tour merch (as of June 10):



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Brenton Wood Upcoming Concerts

As of June 10, Brenton Wood has made no announcements for upcoming concerts. Make sure to check out TicketX for any updates on upcoming concerts for Brenton Wood.

Brenton Wood Previous Concert Reviews

Fan reviews of Brenton Wood's concerts vary widely, reflecting diverse experiences and perspectives. For some, attending his concerts is described as "cool and amazing," emphasizing his strong vocals and the overall enjoyment of seeing him perform live. One review highlights the energetic atmosphere, with fans enthusiastically singing along and dancing, creating a vibrant concert environment.

However, not all experiences were as positive. One attendee lamented poor audio quality, suggesting that the venue's sound equipment detracted from the musicians' performances. Additionally, issues with seating comfort and venue conditions were raised, noting discomfort and dissatisfaction with the physical environment despite the musical excellence.

Another review expressed deep disappointment over the state of Brenton Wood's performance, citing concerns over his health and apparent inability to fully engage due to illness. This reviewer criticized the management and the venue for what was perceived as inadequate support and organization, undermining the overall experience.

Furthermore, there were frustrations about last-minute cancellations and the quality of replacement acts, with complaints about disorganization, long lines, and lackluster performances towards the end of the event.

It's important to note that these reviews reflect individual opinions and specific experiences, which may not represent the overall quality of Brenton Wood's concerts universally. Concert experiences can vary widely based on factors such as venue, timing, and personal expectations. Therefore, while these reviews provide insight into attendees' perspectives, they do not necessarily provide a definitive judgment on the artist or his performances in general.

Although Brenton Wood is currently not on tour in 2024, check back on TicketX for any updates!

About Brenton Wood

Brenton Wood was born Alfred Jesse Smith in Shreveport, Louisiana. When he was young, his family moved to San Pedro in Los Angeles, California. He started his education at San Pedro High School but was later transferred to Compton High School. Wood was a sportsman at Compton High School, where he participated in athletic activities, particularly track and field, and won several prizes.

Wood joined East Los Angeles College for further studies. During his early years as a musician, he began to use a new name, Brenton Wood, possibly derived from the appealing district in Los Angeles or perhaps ‘Bretton Woods.’ He developed a passion for music with influences from artists such as Jesse Belvin and Sam Cooke. This way, he perfected his writing skills and learned the piano, laying a perfect foundation for his music career.

Due to a combination of emotional and touching lyrics and relaxing melodies, Wood attracted the attention of audiences. After a number of successful songs, he became a significant star of soul and R&B.

Brenton Wood 2024 Net Worth

According to, Brenton Woo's net worth in 2024 is $10 million.

To calculate the estimated income from Spotify streams based on the given data:

Calculate the average earnings per stream (Top Ten Songs, as of June 10):

Total streams: 273,000,000

Monthly listeners: 1,837,083

Since we don't have the exact earnings per stream, let's estimate:

Suppose average earnings per stream = $0.003 (which is a common estimate for Spotify streams)

Total earnings from Spotify streams = Total streams Average earnings per stream = 273,000,000 x $0.003 = $819,000

It is important to note that actual earnings are estimated based on many factors, such as investments and royalties. Additionally, most financial information remains private and undisclosed, making estimating net worth and income notoriously difficult.

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