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Cardi B

Born: October 11, 1992 (31 years)

Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

Top Albums: Invasion of Privacy

Top Tracks: WAP, I Like It, Bodak Yellow

Cardi B

Today, everyone knows her as one of the most successful female rappers of her time, but Cardi B’s career story is one of the most interesting ones you’d find in the industry. From posting videos on Vine and Instagram, she entered reality TV and eventually gave rap a chance till she got her shot at fame.

As a Grammy award winner, Cardi B has seen great success as a rapper and achieved many feats that no female rapper had achieved before her. When it comes to her numbers as a recording artist, she is the female rapper with the most songs with a billion streams on Spotify. Her success on streaming platforms is replicated at her live events, where fans rush tickets immediately after they are made available to the public.

Cardi B New Album

Cardi B’s work on her latest studio album, “Invasion of Privacy” was what kept her 15 minutes of fame running for years. The album got her first Grammy and many other nominations that female rappers before her had never come close to. But it's been six years since she dropped “Invasion of Privacy” and she hasn’t released any album or EP since then.

Since 2018, fans have been wondering if or when there will be another record-breaking album for the rap star. At the start of the year, all the indications suggested that 2024 would be the year Cardi B would release another chart-topping album. But to everyone’s surprise, she announced that her plans for 2024 are for relaxing, traveling, and enjoying summer with no mention of when her next album will be coming up.

Even with this informal announcement, a lot of fans are still expecting a 2024 album and Cardi B has not responded to the comments. From this point, all we can do is wait and see how soon her sophomore album is going to be announced.

How Much Are Cardi B Tickets

Cardi B has yet to host a personal tour, so we can’t estimate the cost of a ticket for her next tour. The cost of a ticket for her current live performances depends on the event.

However, a ticket to a cheap event with Cardi B on the performing line-up could go for as low as $30. If you choose to pay for the VIP experience in an expensive Cardi B concert, you can pay as much as $3500 for the service.

About Cardi B

When she entered full-time entertainment, she became popular under her stage name, Cardi B, but her real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. The name “Cardi B” is actually a variation of her nickname, “Bacardi.” If you are a fan, you know about her rise from the struggle to fame. She sings and talks about the time when she had to work in a strip club to pay for school.

While many rappers make up fake “grass to grace” stories to get sympathy from listeners, for Cardi B, her stories actually used to be her reality. From stripping, her videos on Vine and Instagram helped shoot her into the limelight and once she got a lifeline out of poverty, she never let go.

Between 2015 and 2017, she featured on the reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop and it put some focus on her music career. Riding this publicity she was able to get more listens on her EPs, Gangsta Bitch Music, Volumes 01 and 02. With these EPs, she started getting deals and opportunities to perform with some big icons in the industry.

After she released “Bodak Yellow” and “Invasion of Privacy”, she got the breakthrough she always wanted and she has been smooth sailing since then.

Cardi B Awards and Recognition

Along with other top rappers like Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill,  Cardi B set some records for female rappers in the Hip-Hop space. Her most popular award is the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, which Invasion of Privacy won for her. She was the first female rapper to win this Grammy as a solo artist.

However, beyond her Grammy, Cardi B has won eight Billboard Music Awards, multiple Guinness World Record Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, and many more.

In 2018, the year she dropped the Invasion of Privacy album, she was included in Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The Billboard Women in Music Awards also named her as Woman of the Year in 2020.

Among all the other female rappers, Cardi has the most Billboard Top 100 no.1 singles and also most total weeks in the top 16. These are just a few of the records she has set as a female rapper. Without a doubt, Cardi is one of the greatest of her time and the success of people like her has motivated the next generation of female rappers to give rap their best shot.

Cardi B 2024 Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B’s net worth is $80 million. However, we can’t completely trust these numbers because the website does not disclose the method of estimation used to arrive at that number. However, Celebrity Net Worth is not the only source claiming that Cardi B’s net worth is $80 million, it is such a big rumor that the rap star herself was asked about it in an interview. In that interview, she said she has since passed the $80 million benchmark because she makes a lot of money.

To get the exact figure for a person's net worth, you need to subtract the cost of their liabilities from the value of their assets. Assets here cover things like shares, real estate, bonds, and others, while liabilities include loans, mortgages, and other financial obligations. Since fans do not have access to this type of information, it is extremely difficult to estimate a person’s net worth without their assistance.

Estimating just how much Cardi B is worth is as difficult as estimating how much she earns. For an artist of her caliber, she is getting paid from different sources in confidential contracts that even her most devoted fans do not have access to. On this one, we would just have to trust the Queen herself when she said her net worth was well over the $80 million tag that blogs had tied her finances to.

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