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  • Chris Martin, March 2, 1977 (age 47)

  • Guy Berryman, April 12, 1978 (age 46)

  • Jonny Buckland, September 11, 1977 (age 46)

  • Phil Harvey, August 29, 1976 (age 46)

  • Will Champion, July 31, 1978 (age 45)

Top Albums:

  • A Rush of Blood to the Head

  • Parachutes

  • X&Y

Top Tracks:

  • Viva la Vida

  • A Sky Full of Stars

  • Adventure of a Lifetime


British rock band Coldplay formed in 1997 in London. They are known for impacting popular culture with their artistic songs and live performances. The band members met at University College London and originally called themselves Big Fat Noises. They changed their name to Starfish before settling on Coldplay. They released their first album independently in 1998 and went on to sign a deal with Parlophone in 1999. They then wrote and released their debut album under that label. That breakthrough led to an award for British Album of the Year as well as a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album.

Coldplay Tour 2024

Tour Name: Music Of The Spheres World Tour

Tour Dates: June 29-November 16

After the sold-out two weekend shows at Perth Optus Stadium, Coldplay decided to perform in Australia and New Zealand, adding several dates to their world tour. Before those dates, they’ll hit placed like Rome, Dublin, and Vienna and cover as much ground as possible. Their tour aims to teach crowds about sustainability as well as inclusivity alongside rocking to great music.

Ticket demand for any Coldplay concert is high, and many of their tour stops are already sold out. Visit TicketX today to ensure you are able to get a seat at the venue of your choice. Not only will you have the best options, but you will also have industry-low commission fees that always stay the same, no matter what venue and seating price you choose.

How Much Are Coldplay Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Coldplay tickets (as of June 28):

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On TicketX, the cheapest Coldplay ticket is from .

The price of Coldplay tickets is often high, but the exact price varies depending on location and venue. Take a look at the comparison of Coldplay tickets for their concert on July 15, 2024 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy (as of June 28).

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Coldplay Tour Details

Coldplay Tour Opener

In the past, Coldplay has had a number of guests with them at any given concert. The Bee Gees member Berry Gibb, for example, played the cover “Stayin’ Alive’ with them. The Glato founding member Michael Eavis also joined them to sing “My Way.” There is no scheduled tour opener at this point for the 2024 tour, but TicketX has the details. Check back as more information trickles down.

How Long Are Coldplay Concerts?

According to, the average Coldplay concert on this tour is 2 hours in long.

Coldplay Setlist

Coldplay may adjust their Tour setlist from time to time, depending on the concert venue or date. The following list is based on their June 25, 2024 concert at the Groupama Stadium in Decines-Charpieu, France, according to

  • Light Through the Veins

  • Flying Theme

Act .i. Planets

  • Music of the Spheres

  • Higher Power

  • Adventure of a Lifetime

  • Paradise

  • The Scientists

Act .ii. Moons

  • Viva la Vida

  • Hymn for the Weekend

  • Don’t Panic

  • Charlie Brown

  • Yellow

Act .iii. Stars

  • Human Heart

  • People of the Pride

  • Clocks

  • Infinity Sign

  • Something Just Like That

  • Aeterna

  • My Universe

  • A Sky Full of Stars

Act .iv. Home

  • Sunrise

  • Sparks

  • The Jumbotron Song

  • Humankind

  • Fix You

  • feelslikeimfallinginlove

  • A Wave

Coldplay Tour Merch

Based on the official online Coldplay store, these items and prices will likely follow the group around on their tour:





Long-sleeved T












Coldplay Upcoming Concerts

Since Coldplay will be overseas for much of their tour, they don’t have much time to fit in outside appearances and more concert dates. As of June 28, they have not added other events, but things can always get tacked on later. Check TicketX for upcoming appearances and added concerts, if there are any.

Coldplay Tour 2022 Review

Tour Name: Music Of The Spheres World Tour

Tour Dates: March 18, 2022-November 16, 2024

NME reviewed the Coldplay concert in London on August 16, 2022, as the third of six sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium. Outside of the fireworks and confetti, the band brought its best to every song. The show was described as a “sugar rush” treat with meticulous performances and visual treats around every corner. Many fans also appreciated the sustainability and inclusivity messages the band included throughout the show. As the show went on, the band even hopped between two main stages to keep things even more interesting!

No concert experience is perfect, and some concertgoers complained about their expensive outdoor concert getting cut short due to rain. Others got stuck in traffic jams to or from the venue, which ruined their night. There were also those who were disappointed by the overall sound quality.

Make sure you check in on TicketX from time to time to get updates on the 2024 Coldplay tour.

Coldplay 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

The Richest and Cheat Sheet agree that Coldplay has a net worth of $475 million.

It is hard to estimate net worth, especially for a band of this merit. The group’s finances, in part, are private and other solid numbers are hard to grasp. They don’t get annual salaries, but rather their income varies based on a variety of complicated sources.

Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams” tour took in over $523 million. In 2024, they will play at least 36 shows spanning several countries. It’s not unlikely that a band of this caliber would make $1 million or more per show, which would bring in $36 million over the year. Reports show that the band actually makes more like $3-$5 million per concert, which would mean they will make more like $108-$180 million from concerts this year.

They have reached a high point on Spotify, and Music Metrics Vault reports that they have reached over 26 billion streams. Many of their new songs reach 1 billion streams, which nets them $1 million at $.01 per stream. Since they have a whole new album out, they stand to make $10 million in streams.

Add to those numbers merchandise sales, special appearances, endorsements, and other odds and ends and Coldplay should make well over $200 million in 2024.

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