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Networth: $4 million

Top Tracks: Best Part (feat. H.E.R.), Get You (feat. Kali Uchis), Always, Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon), Superpowers

Daniel Caesar

Coffee yearning, heartfelt crooner Ashton Dumar Norwill Simmonds is a Canadian singer and songwriter who is widely known for his smooth, gentle vocals and introspective R&B music. The artist, more popularly known as Daniel Caesar, captured the heart of his fans through his soulful sound and affectionate lyrics. Leaving his home in Toronto at 17 to pursue his music as an independent artist, he was able to garner a reputation and build a following even before the release of his first studio album. Having started out singing in the church with soul and gospel influences, Daniel Caesar tiptoes on the boundaries of the R&B genre, taking it as far as it can go and giving his listeners something new that is not easily forgotten.

Daniel Caesar Discography

Almost everyone can identify at least one of Daniel Caesar’s songs and that song is likely to be Best Part, one of his most successful songs and an unyielding fan favorite. However, despite the existence of standout moments, the artist’s career stretches back to his days as an indie artist slumming it out and carving his own niche.

Caesar released his first EP in 2014 which he titled Praise Break. Despite it being his first, it immediately broke through and earned him a spot at Number 19 of Rolling Stone’s 20 Best R&B albums of 2014. His second EP, Pilgrim’s Paradise, came three years later in 2017 also earning him widespread positivity and validation. His work as an independent artist set the tone for his debut studio album; the project that truly broke him out and established him as the artist he is today.

Daniel Caesar’s Freudian was released in 2017. It was an undeniable success that earned him two Grammy nominations and eventually a Grammy award win for Best R&B performance of Best Part, his viral hit featuring H.E.R. By now, the breakout star had established himself as an act to be taken seriously but despite the massive win under his belt, Caesar did everything but rest on his laurels. The Grammy award winning artist went on to release his second studio album in 2019, Case Study 01, and finally his most recent project, Never Enough.

In such a short time, the Canadian artist managed to build a solid career and earn widespread critical acclaim while also courting mega mainstream success. In 2021, Caesar topped the charts alongside Justin Bieber and Giveon with their multi-platinum hit, Peaches. Quite a long way from the 17 year old indie artist chasing his dreams.

Daniel Caesar Tours and Upcoming Concerts

Along with his knack for compelling vocals, Caesar has also exhibited the ability to capture live audiences. Over the course of his career, he has headlined different tours and shows: The Freudian World Tour in 2017, The Case Study Tour in 2019, Almost Enough: The Intimate Sessions in 2023, and The Superpowers World Tour in 2023.

The Freudian World Tour, the Case Study Tour, and the Superpowers World Tour were shows held in support of his albums, while Almost Enough was a more intimate set-up also in support of his Never Enough album, but with a unique goal of connecting with a select few of his fans ahead of his main tour.

This year, Caesar has a scheduled performance in São Paulo, Brazil on the 17th and 19th of May, 2024 at the C6 Fest alongside a great many other international acts.

How to Get the Cheapest Daniel Caesar Tickets

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Daniel Caesar Setlist

Although Caesar’s setlists may vary from show to show, you can go ahead to curate a playlist in readiness to sway and sing along at his next concert. Based on his past performances and his recent Superpowers tour, there are a few songs that are concert favorites on Daniel Caesar sets: Get You, Japanese Denim, Best Part, Cyanide, Violet, Ocho Rios, Let Me Go, Are You Ok?, Please Do Not Lean, Entropy.

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