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Elton John

Age: 77 (March 25, 1947)

Genre: Pop, Rock, New Age

Top Albums:

  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

  • Madman Across The Water

  • Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Top Tracks:

  • Tiny Dancer

  • Rocket Man

  • Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Elton John

Elton John is the ultimate British legend – ergo, it's no surprise that he was given the honor of being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. The Brit is a passionate singer, songwriter, and pianist. Not only are his music and his voice unique, but his appearance is also particularly recognizable. He made his breakthrough in 1970 with the hit single "Your Song." Elton has been an integral part of show business for over five decades. Of course, he has also been receiving countless awards. His honors include five Grammy Awards and an Oscar for Best Original Song for "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King.

Elton John Tour 2018–2023 Review

Tour Name: Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Tour Dates: September 8, 2018–July 8, 2023

Elton John was on tour a lot in the last decades – his last, “The Farewell Yellow Brick Road,” was Elton John's 49th and final concert tour over five years (September 8, 2018, to July 8, 2023). He entertained audiences with 330 shows and took in a total of $939.1 million. In the US, fans could meet the unmistakable star in California, New York, and Florida, among other places. The shows lasted an average of 2.5 hours and offered a mix of Elton's biggest and most important hits.

Fans praised Elton John's very last tour for its emotional and nostalgic value. Visitors appreciated his commitment and noticed how powerful his voice remained and how impeccable his piano skills were – even at over 70 years of age. Many felt a close connection to Elton and will never forget their visit. The show was produced to a high standard: the visual effects and the stage set-up seemed detailed and designed with a lot of love. Some fans criticized the overpriced tickets; although this was a final tour experience, they found the high calculation unreasonable.

How Much Are Elton John Tickets?

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Elton John 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Elton John's net worth in 2024 is $650 million – making him one of the most successful and richest artists of all time. During his touring years, Elton John earned over $80 million, which was significantly increased by his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, which grossed $939.1 million from 330 shows between 2018 and 2023.

Elton had 2 billion streams by 2020 and 4 billion by 2023. This means that his songs were viewed an average of 666 million streams per year over the three years. TicketX estimates an average earnings of $0.004 per stream. This means his annual income is approximately $2.66 million.

Taking his touring earnings into account, Elton's “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour brought in almost $940 million in five years. Dividing this result by five gives an average annual tour revenue of $188 million. Add to this the estimated annual streaming income, and the total comes to $190.66 million. We're not including income sources such as royalties, merchandise, or real estate investments.

In addition, based on, Elton John earns around £20 million per year, which equates to £1.67 million monthly, £384,615 weekly, and £76,923 daily. These figures show that the artist generates a steady income. Since he has had his own record label – The Rocket Record Company – since 1973, he will generate regular earnings from this enterprise. Details of the sales are not known.

In addition to his considerable income from music and touring, Elton John's income is bolstered by strategic investments in art and real estate. His art collection is worth around $200 million. His real estate holdings are extensive – including a $33 million Beverly Hills estate.

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