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Born: June 14, 1997 (26 years)

Genre: J-pop, pop, R&B, Indie Rock

Top Albums: Help Ever Hurt Never, Love All Serve All, Love All Cover All

Top Tracks: Kirari, Seishun Sick, Hana, Grace, Close To You

Discography (Music Videos): Nan-Nan, Mo-Eh-Wa, Hedemo Ne-Yo, I'm Over It

Fujii Kaze

About Fujii Kaze

With a voice that is described as a warm hug on a rainy day and lyrics that paint vivid stories, Kaze has carved his own path in the Japanese music scene. From humble beginnings to sold-out arenas, his journey is as captivating as his melodies. Born on June 14, 1997, Fujii has nurtured the dream of being a singer since he was 10.

The pop artist rose to fame at the age of 12 as a YouTuber, where he usually amassed 30 million views. His love for music led him to release his debut album, Help Ever Hurt Never. Praised for being a pro on the keyboard, Fujii is currently signed with Universal Sigma (Hehn Records).

At the age of 26, he already has a second album, Love All Serve All, which broke the internet. The songwriter is applauded for his electrifying vocals and good dexterity with the saxophone.

Fujii Kate's Events or Tour in 2024

The Fujii Kaze And The Piano's U.S. Tour will have its opener on May 30-31, as the Japanese songwriter will be heading towards the United Theatre on Broadway in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The time is scheduled for 20:00.

On June 2, Fujii Kaze is slated to perform at the Apollo's Historic Theater at the Apollo Theater Complex in New York, NY, USA. The next day wouldn't be any different, as the 26-year-old would continue his tour in the Apollo's Historic Theater at Apollo Theater Complex.

How to Get the Cheapest Tickets for Fujii Kaze's Tour

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Fujii Kaze's Setlist

For his musical tour, Fujii Kaze will be looking to bring forward some of his best tracks of the ages. To make his event a more inspirational one, all the playlists in his setlist will commence with the sound of a piano. The pop singer is predicted to sing Garden, Hedemo Ne-Yo, Kirari, Ditto, Damn, Kaerou, Kiri Ga Naikara, Tabiji, Sayonara Baby, Grace, Seishun Sick, Golden Hour, Matsuri, Nan-Nan andShinunoga E-wa.

Fujii Kate's Awards and Honours

Fujii Kaze has bagged a plethora of awards to his name, commencing from the moment he was honored as the Most Popular New Artist back on March 10, 2021. It was also during the same span that the 26-year-old saw his music video and track, Seishun Sick, top the US billboard.

Only recently, in 2021, did the GQ honor the Japanese-born songwriter as one of the globally renowned artists for the prowess of his musical talents. Relentlessly, his track, Kirari, received 100 million views on YouTube, a new milestone for an Asian musician. By 2022, what received 100 million views peaked at 350 million views by June 22.

Here's a list of awards honored on Fujii Kaze:

  • MAMA Awards - 2020

  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan - 2020

  • Music Pen Club Awards - 2021

  • Space Shower Music Awards - 2021

  • CD Shop Awards - 2021

  • China Block Award - 2022

  • MEXT Awards - 2022

  • Best Solo Artist - 2022

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