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Age: Debuted in 2018

Genre: Pop, hip-hop, EDM

Top tracks: Latata, Hann (Alone), Uh-Oh, Lion, Oh My God, Dumdi Dumdi, Hwaa, Nxde, Queencard, I Do, and I Want That

Top albums: I Am, I Made, Latata, I Trust, Dumdi Dumdi, I Burn, I Never Die, I Love, I Feel, and Heat


(G)I-DLE, a dynamic K-pop quintet known for its bold personalities and innovative approach to music, stormed the scene in 2018 under Cube Entertainment. Originally called Idle after member Soyeon's track Idle Song, they swiftly adopted the name (G)I-DLE, symbolizing their collective strength as individual artists.

Their debut EP, I Am, dropped in May 2018, blending diverse influences from trap to disco and quickly soared to number 13 on South Korean charts, earning accolades from prestigious music shows.

Their breakthrough arrived rather unexpectedly through K/DA, a digital band from the video game League of Legends. Its members, Miyeon and Soyeon, contributed to the group's debut single, Pop/Stars, amassing over 500 million streams globally. Amidst a flurry of awards in 2018, the group’s versatility came to the fore with sultry tracks like Senorita from the EP I Made and the Japanese debut EP Latata.

Continuing to push boundaries, (G)I-DLE released chart-topping EPs like I Trust and I Burn before dropping their first full-length album, I Never Die, in 2022. The platinum-certified record not only solidified them as K-pop luminaries but also paved the way for further successes with EPs like I LoveI Feel, and the English-language collaboration Heat.

(G) I-DLE’s Discographic Achievements

Upon their inception under Cube Entertainment on May 2, 2018, they made their grand entrance with I Am. The extended play had the infectious Latata. Their digital single Hann (Alone)followed, peaking at number 8 on the Gaon Digital Chart.

The momentum continued with their second EP, I Made, as well as the digital single Uh-Oh in 2019. That same year, they dipped their toes deeper into the Japanese music scene with another go at Latata.

The band's participation in Mnet's Queendom introduced two more singles, Put It Straight (Nightmare Version) and Lion. The latter achieved commercial success and earned nominations at the Korean Music Awards.

As their popularity soared, they put out a series of hits: EP I Trust in April 2020, summer single Dumdi Dumdi and their second Japanese mini-album, Oh My God, later that year. In 2021, they retained their streak with the EP I Burn, before reaching new heights with their debut studio album, I Never Die, in 2022.

In October 2022, they unveiled the EP I Love, followed by I Feel in May 2023. Their first English EP, Heat, was in October of the same year. With their sophomore studio album, simply titled 2, dropping in January 2024, (G) I-DLE proved they're a force to be reckoned with in the global music scene.

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