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  • Carlotta Cosials, April 8, 1991 (age 33)

  • Ana García Perrote, September 16, 1994 (age 29)

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Top Albums:

  • Leave Me Alone

  • I Don't Run

  • The Prettiest Curse

Top Tracks:

  • Boom Boom Back

  • Coffee

  • Good Bad Times


Spanish band Hinds actually began life as the Deers but changed their name after they were nearly sued by a Canadian band known as The Dears (“hinds” is actually a clever choice as it refers to “female deer”). Hinds first found international success in the UK in 2014, quickly rising to success with a world tour in 2015 that took in Thailand, the United States, and Australia. While the band grew from a duo into a quartet for some time, Hinds is now back to its original two members, who continue to tour and record music. Their fourth studio album, Viva Hinds, is scheduled to be released on August 23, 2024.

Hinds Tour 2024

Tour Name: Viva Hinds Tour 2024

Tour Dates: August 7, 2024 - March 7, 2025

Hinds has quite the tour lined up for the latter half of 2024 and the start of 2025, ranging from Spain and the UK to Mexico, the USA, and Canada before returning to Europe and the UK after the New Year. The US leg of their tour kicks off in San Diego, California, at Casbah on October 12, followed by concerts at such major venues as The Crocodile (Seattle, Washington), Lee’s Place (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and Brighton Music Hall (Boston, Massachusetts), before finishing up at Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York on October 29. After a brief hiatus, Hinds will return to tour their native Spain along with several other European countries and the UK.

While Hinds is perhaps not the best-known band among the mainstream music scene, the indie crowd has really taken to them over the past decade. Their limited 2024 concerts in the US and Canada are sure to sell out quickly, so be sure to jump right onto TicketX to find all the cheapest Hinds tickets. TicketX has a fixed rate of 20%, unlike resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, which have fluctuating service fees based on venue, ticket type, and ticket price. Purchase your Hinds tickets from TicketX today with a single click, all with the lowest commission fees in town!

How Much Are Hinds Tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Hinds tickets for their 2024 tour concerts are (as of July 4, 2024):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Hinds Ticket Price



The cheapest Hinds ticket currently being sold on TicketX is . Prices of Hinds tickets on tour do vary based on date and location. To give you an example, we have compared the cheapest ticket prices (as of July 6, 2024) for Hinds tickets at two upcoming concerts in Seattle and Boston.

Hinds Seattle Tickets

Venue: The Crocodile, Seattle, Washington

Date: October 18, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Hinds Boston Tickets

Venue: Brighton Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts

Date: October 28, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











How Much Are Hinds General Admission Tickets?

Hinds general admission tickets vary based on date and location. For example, the cheapest Hinds general admission ticket for their concert at Union Stage in Washington, D.C., on October 26 costs $61, whereas Hinds general admission tickets for October 3 at Casbah in San Diego, California, run from $212.27.

Are Hinds General Admission Tickets Good?

The majority of tickets to Hinds concerts on their upcoming tour will be general admission tickets. General admission tickets offer fans who want to save money a better deal, as they tend to be cheaper than reserved seats. With Hinds general admission tickets, you will also have more freedom to stand up, dance, mingle, and really get into the music. Check TicketX for all the best Hinds general admission tickets. Note that the number and proportion of general admission tickets varies from venue to venue.

Hinds Tour Details

Hinds Tour Opener

Hinds does not seem to be touring with any opening acts or guest performers for their upcoming tour this year. Check TicketX for Hinds updates (and for the cheapest Hinds tickets online!) to catch any updates on who else the duo might be performing with in the future.

How Long Are Hinds Concerts?

Based on limited data from previous concerts on, Hinds shows seem to generally clock in at just over 70 minutes. Obviously, this will change a bit from show to show.

Hinds Tour Setlist

A recent setlist from a concert given by Hinds in London, England, at The Lower Third on May 28 gives some clues as to what to expect for their upcoming tour. Please be aware that setlists often change based on the venue, date, and artist’s preferences.

Popular Hinds hit songs that could feature:

  • The Club

  • New for You

  • Bamboo

  • Coffee

  • Just Like Kids (Miau)

  • Hi, How Are You

  • Good Bad Times

  • Boom Boom Back

  • Riding Solo

  • Stranger

  • Burn

  • Superstar

  • Spanish Bombs (The Clash cover)

  • En Forma

  • Castigadas en el granero

  • Davey Crockett

More songs from their new album should also feature:

  • Hi, How Are You

  • The Bed, the Room, the Rain and You

  • Boom Boom Back (featuring Beck)

  • Stranger (featuring Grian Chatten)

  • Superstar

  • Mala Vista

  • On My Own

  • Coffee

  • En Forma

  • Bon Voyage

Hinds Tour Merch

Fans looking to land some sweet Hinds tour merch should find prices more or less in line with those on the band’s online store (listed below):











Reusable Metal Water Bottle


Hinds Upcoming Events

Hinds are not currently scheduled to play at any events or music festivals for the rest of this year, apart from shows on their upcoming tour. Keep an eye on TicketX for updates on any additional Hinds shows (as well as all the cheapest Hinds tickets!), as they could be forthcoming.

Hinds’s 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

Popnable estimates the current net worth of Hinds to be approximately $1.4 million. This figure might surprise some people, but Hinds has worked hard to build up this level of wealth through album sales, touring/concerts, merchandising, and online media.

To work out Hinds’s annual income precisely is no easy task, but using streaming data, we can make a few assumptions. If their songs are streamed over 400,000 times per day (Spotify’s estimate as of June 30, 2024), Hinds would make about $1,600 daily from streaming alone. The band’s annual streaming income could therefore potentially be as high as $600,000.

As for live performances, if we estimate that Hinds is paid something like $20,000 per concert, the band’s 50 concerts in 2024 should land them at least $1 million this year.

With income from merchandising, royalties, endorsements, and other sources factored in, Hinds should stand to bring in a total income of $2 million in 2024

Estimates of a band or musician’s annual income and net worth are speculative due to diverse (and often unreliable) sources on ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements. Much financial information is also confidential.

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