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Iowa Hawkeyes Football Tickets

Iowa Hawkeyes Football

College: University of Iowa (UI, Iowa, U of I)

Conference: Big Ten Conference

Stadium: Kinnick Stadium (capacity 69,250)

Head Coach: Kirk Ferentz (1999-present)

2023 Season Record: 8-5

Legendary Alumni: Paul Krause, Andre Tippett, Alex Karras, Jay Hilgenberg, Bob Sanders

Fight Song: “Iowa Fight Song”

National Championships: 5 claimed (1921, 1922, 1956, 1958, 1960)

Iowa Hawkeyes Football

Ever since 1889, the Iowa Hawkeyes football team has represented the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, in the state of Iowa. In short, everything about the Hawkeyes screams IOWA at the top of its lungs, and the team’s performance on the field over the past century and a quarter has made many across the state very proud of its achievements (aside from fans of their bitter rivals, the Iowa State Cyclones, who would very much dispute the Hawkeyes’ claim to represent Iowa!). With 5 claimed national titles, 13 total conference titles, and 20 Bowl victories (20-18-1 in Bowl games), the Hawkeyes have an impressive record, and current head coach Kirk Ferentz, the longest-serving coach in NCAA football right now, has continued to add to this legacy in his two and a half decades at the helm. Hawkeyes fans make a big deal out of home games, with hours (or days) of buildup through pep rallies, parties, and tailgating. When the game finally comes, Kinnick Stadium fills up with fans decked out in the team colors of black and gold, belting out the Iowa Fight Song and rocking out to the team’s entry tunes of “Back in Black”by ACDC and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. If the Hawkeyes win, everyone bursts into a rousing rendition of “Im Himmel gibt's kein Bier” (In Heaven There is No Beer). Don’t worry though, there might not be beer “upstairs” but there certainly is beer in the stadium! In recent years, fans have also started a lovely new tradition called the Kinnick Wave, in which the whole crowd turns to wave at young patients in a children’s hospital that overlooks the stadium.

Iowa Hawkeyes Rivalries

The Iowa Hawkeyes might have several rivalries, but only one really (really!) counts: the showdown with the Iowa State Cyclones. Happily for the Hawkeyes, they have had the upper hand in this long-standing state clash, with a record of 47-23 in their favor. The Hawkeyes’ other main rivals are the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Wisconsin Badgers

Finding Iowa Hawkeyes Football Tickets

Traffic in low-key Iowa City is not generally much of a problem throughout most of the year, but this changes big time on game days at Kinnick Stadium. Fans from far and wide pour into the city to watch their beloved Hawkeyes take to the gridiron, creating a fantastic atmosphere but also making it tricky to get your hands on Iowa Hawkeyes tickets. TicketX is where you need to go to find the most affordable Hawkeyes tickets available. Our handy stadium seating chart is the ideal way for comparing different seating options in terms of price and location.

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