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Joe Hisaishi Tickets

Age: Born in 1950 (73 years)

Genre: Classical/J-Pop

Top Tracks: The Name of Life, Always With Me, and First Love.

Top Albums: Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack, Encore, and Sonatine.

Joe Hisaishi

Mamoru Fujisawa, professionally known as Joe Hisaishi, was born in Nakano, Nagano, Japan. He is a J-Pop singer, skilled orchestralist and solo pianist. In 1982, he released his debut album “Information,” which marked the beginning of his prolific career as a solo artist. Over the years, Joe has produced the music for over 80 films both locally and internationally. Also, he has released close to 40 solo albums. His works have won many awards, including seven Japanese Academy Awards for Best Music, Annie Award, and Asian Film Award.

Joe Hisaishi Tours and Concerts 2024

Joe Hisaishi is now on a tour called JOE HISAISHI SYMPHONIC CONCERT.

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Joe Hisaishi Tour Dates and Locations

Joe Hisaishi is presently touring some cities in the US, Europe, and Japan for his music concerts. In April 2024, Joe Hisaishi kicked off his JOE HISAISHI SYMPHONIC CONCERT: Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki in La Défense Arena in Paris.

Their next symphonic concert date is on May 23, 2024 at PSD BANK DOME in Dusseldorf, while they will be performing at Olympiahalle in Muenchen on May 25, 2024. Between June and July 2024, Joe Hisaishi will be visiting some states in the US for his concerts. Hisaishi Conducts Hisaishi will be held from June 20th - 22nd in Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, and from June 27th - June 30th in Chicago Symphony Center, Chicago.

On July 11th - July 13th, 2024, Joe will be performing at Madison Square Garden in New York. While he will return to Japan for the rest of the concert. On July 25th - July 26th, 2024, they will present MUSIC FUTURE in Kioi Hall after which they will visit Suntry Hall on July 31st - Aug. 1st in Tokyo.

On November 14th - 15th and 17th, 2024, they will perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles for Hisaishi Leads Pictures at an Exhibition. Following this, they will conclude the 2024 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, for his Hisaishi Symphonic on November 23rd - November 24th, 2024.

Joe Hisaishi Setlist

While Joe Hisaishi's setlist may vary depending on the venue, Joe Hisaishi commonly performs famous top-ranked songs below, along with a selection of new tracks that Joe Hisaishi fans are yet to hear performed live.

  • The Legend of the Wind

  • Nausicaa Requiem

  • The Battle Between Mehve and Corvette

  • A Town with an Ocean View

  • Princess Mononoke

  • Symphonic variation “Merry-go-round + Cave of mind”.

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