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Lightning in a Bottle Tickets

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Lightning in a Bottle 2024

Established: 2006

Dates: May 22-27, 2024

Location: Buena Vista Lake, California

Opening Hours for 2024: 12:00 p.m.

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle, famously known as LiB is an immersive entertainment experience. It was created to cater to the interests of music and art lovers from all over the world. Each year since 2006, California has been home to Lightning in a Bottle. The festival can be described as a community camping adventure. There are a ton of activities for attendees aside from live music performances. These activities include skill workshops, seminar discussions and talks, yoga classes, and art exhibitions. With each activity, attendees get to build connections and expand their network. With three main stages, namely; Lightning, Thunder, Woogie and five side stages, Grand Artique, Stacks, Junkyard, Compass, and Beacon, the event promises to be fun-filled.

Lightning in a Bottle Lineup

The 2024 Lightning in a Bottle lineup was announced on January 23, 2024. As usual, it is stacked with hitmakers and record-breaking artists. The headliners for this year’s event include Skrillex, Labrinth, Lane 8 and Honey Dijon. To see the full lineup, visit the official Lightning in a Bottle website:

May 22, 2024

Henry Pop, Source Zero, Amira, Padlock, Moondrop

May 23, 2024

Shawna, Fleetwood Mac, Miss Dre, Valentina, Liquid Love Drops, Mimosa

May 24, 2024

Siren & Seer, Oakk, Dela Moon, Handsome Tiger, James Blake

May 25, 2024

Headliner: Labrinth

Strawberry Disco Circus, Sweet Anomaly, Borak

May 26, 2024

Headliner: Skrillex

El Papachango, Damian Lazarus, M.I.A., Brandon Lucas

Lightning in a Bottle 2024 Schedule

To help you plan your day and time at the camping festival, here are the opening times for each day at Lightning in a Bottle.

May 23, 2024: 12:00 a.m

May 24, 2024: 12:15 a.m

May 25, 2024: 12:00 a.m

May 26, 2024: 12:15 a.m

Keep in mind that at LiB, the party never stops and the activities run through the whole day into the next.

How Much Are Lightning in a Bottle Tickets?

For the cheapest festival tickets, TicketX is the best platform. Check out the TicketX magazine article on how to get the best deals for your concert and festival tickets. Prices vary between packages and attendance days, so make sure to check the right option to get the most out of your ticket! The Lightning in a Bottle site has all the ticket prices for the music and arts festival, inclusive of extra fees. For  May 2024, TicketX has a promo code running, check out the TicketX magazine article to secure your tickets.

Lightning in a Bottle 3-Day Festival Pass

Lightning in a Bottle 3-Day

Price (plus fees)

General Admission (GA) Tier 4


GA Tier 3


VIP Tier 4


VIP Tier 3


Lightning in a Bottle 5-Day Festival Pass

Lightning in a Bottle 5-Day

Price (plus fees)

General Admission (GA) Tier 8


GA Tier 7


VIP Tier 8


VIP Tier 7


Lightning in a Bottle Sunday Funday Festival Pass

Lightning in a Bottle Sunday Funday

Price (plus fees)

General Admission (GA) Tier 3


GA Tier 2


VIP Tier 3


VIP Tier 2


How to Watch Lightning in a Bottle Online?

In May 2020, Lightning in a Bottle was a digital entertainment festival. Fans from all over the world attended right from the comfort of their homes. The festival followed its regular programme with live performances, meditation classes and educational sessions. The event spanned three days and featured performances from Kaytranada, Tycho, The Glitch Mob, Marques Wyatt, among many others. It kicked off on May 22 and was streamed on the festival’s Twitch channel for free.

For Lightning in a Bottle 2024, the live streaming option was not announced for fans far and wide. It is not clear whether the approach used in 2024 will be applied. However, you can stay plugged in by downloading the Lightning in a Bottle app.

Festival Outfits

As a celebration of music, arts, community, dressing up for Lightning in a Bottle is super exciting. Fans are constantly sharing their favorite looks at the festival online. From blog posts to articles to TikTok videos or GRWMs, there is a lot of inspiration available for you to plan your outfits. During the day, you can stick to flowy and easy-to-breathe outfits. For the ladies, get your swimsuits, crop tops, pashminas, and sundresses ready. For guys, you can never go wrong with tank tops and swim shorts. For footwear during the day, open-toed shoes are your best bet. Don’t forget sun protection, so make sure you have your hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, and, most importantly, sunscreen.

At night, you can take things up a notch by going all out with your festival outfits. You can throw a stylish look over your day look or put on a stunning new outfit. Glamorous glow in the dark makeup and face painting is encouraged for everyone. Go crazy with different prints and colors. Wear your favorite costumes. Ultimately, make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever style you pick.

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