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Age: 29 (born 31 July 1994)

Genre: HipHop/Rap

Top Tracks: Big Yellow Taxi, A Case of You, River, Blue, Amelia

Top Albums: XO Tour Llif3, Money Longer, The Way Life Goes, and That Way

Lil Uzi Vert

With three studio albums, nine EPs, four mixtapes, and fifty-four singles, this young rapper from Philadelphia has put in the work to become successful at what they do. Lil Uzi introduces a melodic emo approach to their dark-themed rap that keeps the audience hooked.

Uzi’s music has resonated with fans from the start. Their first mixtape, “Luv is Rage,” catapulted them into the limelight, and Uzi hasn't stopped since. A feature on the Migos' single, “Bad and Boujee,” marked a milestone in their career, placing them at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the first time.

With their increased publicity, Lil Uzi kept working hard to become the successful artist they are popularly known as today. Uzi creates beautiful melodies in the studio but can also electrify an audience of thousands on a live stage. If you love live entertainment, you should attend the next Lil Uzi concert near you and check the Ticket magazine for tips on how to get affordable tickets.

Early Career

Although they are popularly known as Lil Uzi Vert, their real name is “Symere Bysil Woods.” Uzi was raised in Philadelphia, and this influenced the style of music they would eventually pick up later in life. As a young child in Philadelphia, Uzi naturally listened to artists like Meek Mill and Wiz Khalifa. Later in his career, they will also admit that music icons like Marilyn Manson and Paramore also influenced them.

At a young age, Uzi dropped out of school to work in a local store but ended up getting kicked out of home by his mother. As early as 2010, young Uzi had already picked up rapping, and by 2014, they released their first project, Purple Thoughtz Vol. 1, which got ASAP Mob’s attention. With this publicity, Woods kept on putting in the work till they got signed to Atlantic Records.

After their Billboards’ No. 1 debut with the Migos track “Bad and Boujee,” Lil Uzi Vert released “Luv Is Rage 1.5” and “Luv Is Rage 2” in subsequent years. Both music compilations had good reception in the market, and Uzi’s popularity has been on the high side since then.

Achievements and Recognition

Given that Uzi is still a young rapper, they still have time to make more music and become industry icons. Nevertheless, the rapper has still gained a reputation in their short time in the rap game.

Between 2017 and 2024, Woods was nominated for nine awards, including the Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, and iHeart Radio Music Awards. The only time they beat their fellow nominees was in 2017, when “XO Tour Llif3” won Song of the Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Even though Uzi’s music made them famous, some of the publicity they got also came from the controversy around the young Philly rapper. Just like many other musicians, Uzi has been involved in a few feuds with rappers and label owners. They have also made the news for being convicted of assault and accused of being a Satanist because of the dark theme their songs portray.

Lil Uzi Vert Upcoming Events and Tours 2024

This Grammy-nominated rapper has proven to be an excellent performing artist in their different concerts across America and other parts of the world. In 2023, they went on the Pink Tape Tour, where they traveled to various states, entertaining fans with melodic rap. Uzi has also performed at Summerhouse, Coachella, Rolling Loud, and many other big music festivals.

2024 is going to be another music year for Lil Uzi Vert, who is setting the stage to keep fans busy with exciting concerts. If you want to catch the next Lil Uzi Vert live event, you should keep a close eye on the updates shared on TicketX.

On the Coachella weekends in April, Uzi is booked to perform to a large audience along with many other talented artists. In July, the young rapper is supposed to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, to perform at the American Family Insurance Amphitheatre.

No one knows when the next Lil Uzi tour will be after this, but when the update comes, it will be available on TicketX.

How to Get Cheapest Tickets to Lil Uzi Vert Concerts

When it comes to performing on stage, Lil Uzi Vert has clearly mastered the craft, so attendees at their concerts usually get the entertainment they paid for. If you’ve been wanting to attend a Lil Uzi concert but can’t get over the high ticket prices, you should check TicketX.

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Lil Uzi Vert's Setlist

When an artist has three studio albums, nine EPs, and fifty-four singles, their setlist can include any song from their extensive discography. Nonetheless, some popular tracks are repeated in Lil Uzi’s setlists for different events.

This is the setlist used for the Pink Tape Tour in 2023. Popular Uzi hits like Suicide Doors, NFL, Of Course, x2, Amped, POP, 444+222, Money Longer, Do What I Want, Aye, Fire Alarm, The Way Life Goes, and Sanguine Paradise made it to the list. Others like Neon Guts, 20 Min, Wokeuplikethis, Spin Again, Crush Em, XO Tour Llif3, Shoota, Just Wanna Rock, and Sauce It Up were also frequent on the tour.

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