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Los Temerarios Tickets

Los Temerarios


  • Gustavo Angel, May 1, 1968 (56 years)

  • Adolfo Angel, September 1, 1963 (60 years)

Genre: Mexican Grupera

Top Albums:

  • Nunca Es Tarde

  • Los Mas Romantico De

  • Por Simpre

Top Tracks:

  • Ven Porque Te Necisito

  • Ni Vida Eres Tu

  • Se Que Te Amo

Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios is a Mexican Gupera band that started in 1977. The band began when brothers Adolfo and Gustavo got together with their cousin Fernando and formed a group that they originally called Conjunto La Brisa. In their very first Latin Grammy appearance in 2000, they got the best Mexican-American album, and they received their star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame in 2012. Throughout their 30-year career, they have made a huge impact on the Latin music industry.

Los Temerarios Tour 2024

Tour Name: Hasta Siempre

Tour Dates: July 26 - December 7, 2024

With a blend of pop traditional Mexican style and modern pop, Los Temerarios is hitting the road this year with their 2024 tour, Hasta Siempre. The tour starts in July and travels to cities like San Antonio, Phoenix, and Las Vegas before ending in Las Angeles in December.

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How Much Are Los Temerarios Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Los Temerarios tickets (as of June 3, 2024):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Los Temerarios Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Los Temerarios ticket is from $69.26 at Spectrum Center on Nov 03

The price of Los Temerarios tickets varies depending on location and popularity. For example, we compared the prices of Los Temerarios tickets for Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Los Temerarios Phoenix Tickets

Venue: Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Date: August 7, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Los Temerarios Los Angeles Tickets

Venue: BMO Stadium, Los Angeles, California

Date: December 7, 2024

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Ticket Price











Los Temerarios Tour Details

Los Temerarios Tour Opener

Los Temerarios has not yet announced an opening act, which isn’t unusual since the tour doesn’t start until later in July. Sometimes, the band travels alone as its own opening and closing act! Keep an eye on TicketX for updates as the tour details come together.

Los Temerarios Setlist

Los Temerarios’ Tour setlist may change depending on the concert venue and dates. The following list is based on the February 29, 2024, concert at Monterrey, Mexico, from the

  • Enamorado de ti

  • Tu infame engaño

  • Una tarde fue

  • Como te recuerdo

  • Como quisiera volver

  • Ya me voy para siempre

  • Tu última canción

  • Dímelo

  • Solo te quiero a ti

  • Si tú te vas

  • Luz de luna

  • Te hice mal

  • Tu última canción

  • Acepta mi error

  • Porque te conocí

  • Qué de raro tiene

  • La diferencia

  • Ni en defensa propia

  • Una lágrima no basta

  • Eres un sueño

  • He intentado tanto, tanto

  • Como tú

  • Sé que te amo

  • La mujer que soñé

  • Comer a besos

  • Ahi estaré yo

  • Botella envenenada


  • Sí quiero volver

  • Te quiero

  • Mi vida eres tú

  • Una guitarra llora

  • La mujer de los dos

Los Temerarios Tour Merch

As Los Temerarios has yet to embark on their tour for 2024, we cannot be sure what tour merch fans can expect. However, we can make some speculations about the merchandise available at their online store:













Coaster Pack




Los Temerarios Upcoming Concerts

As of June 3, 2024, Los Temerarios has made no announcements for upcoming concerts outside of their upcoming tour. Make sure to check out TicketX for any updates on upcoming concerts that might be added to their already busy schedule.

Los Temerarios Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: 2023 US Tour

Tour Dates: February 3 - September 15, 2023

Los Temerarios embarked on their last tour, the 2023 US Tour, with stops in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, and more. Many of the concerts were sold out as the Mexican romantic group has a 30-year musical career behind them.

According to Billboard, the band serenaded a sea of fans throughout two packed shows in Chicago—and the fans sang along! The two-hour set proved that Los Temerarios has endured its long career with high energy and a lasting legacy. Fans enjoyed the quirky dance moves, jokes, and dynamic performance. The production quality was top-notch and is part of why their concerts sell out fast.

On, some fans were disappointed by unexplained delays. They also said a few tweaks would have made the concert better. Others even said it was boring. With many reports of late starts, the group was seen as unprofessional.

The 2024 tour dates are filling up fast, and since it may very well be the band’s last tour (according to them!), it will likely sell out at many locations. Check TicketX for updates and additional dates.

About Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios has had a successful career, especially since 2012, when Mi Vida Sin Ti was number two on various international charts. Fans of Mexican music, as well as those who like modern styles, all appreciate their sound, which retains a smoldering Latin feel and a youthful pop style. Los Temerarios has toured regularly, and their performances have tight renditions and studio quality. With 25+ albums to their name, they don’t have a shortage of music from which to choose.

Los Temerarios 2024 Net Worth

Iamgoldpanda estimates that Los Temerarios has a net worth of approximately $10 million.

Net worth is hard to estimate as income fluctuates based on merchandise, endorsements, streaming, concert payments, and more. Plus, some financial information is private.

Los Temerarios made $12.3 million in 2022 based on 14 shows. Since they are scheduled to appear in dozens of stadiums in 2024, they should make more than that from concerts alone this year. They have 8.5 million streams per month, depending on the month, which adds up to netting them $3 million a year just from streams. Add to that their endorsements, appearances, and merchandising and they stand to make around $17 million this year.

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