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Matt Rife Tour: Price, Merch, and Dates

by Bui Duong


  1. Who is Matt Rife?
  2. Matt Rife Tour 2024
  3. How Much are Matt Rife Tickets?
  4. How to Get Cheap Matt Rife Tickets
  5. Matt Rife Merch
  6. Matt Rife Tour Dates

Thumbnail: Comedy by Antonio Rubio (CC BY 2.0)

• How old is Matt Rife?: 28 (Born September 10, 1995)

• Where is Matt Rife From?: Columbus, Ohio

• What is Matt Rife net worth?: $30 million

Who is Matt Rife?

Having started his comedy career in Columbus, Ohio, Matt Rife faced continuous rejection during his 10 years in Los Angeles. After struggling to secure a special or TV spot, he reached a breaking point and questioned his place in the industry.

A turning point came when Rife somewhat reluctantly embraced social media and posted a viral TikTok video titled The Lazy Hero during the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, which gained 30 million views in just a few days. The video's success led to his first Netflix special called Natural Selection, followed by the ProbleMATTic World Tour, which remarkably sold over 600,000 tickets within its first hour.

Rising to fame with those glorious careers, he has been making $6 million a year. According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is estimated that Matt Rife net worth reached $30 million in 2023.

Matt Rife Tour 2024

Tour Name: The ProbleMATTic World Tour

Tour Dates: July 20- November 23

Matt Rife is currently on The ProbleMATTic World Tour in 2024 and performing his fans’ most loved songs. Presented by Live Nation, the aptly named the ProbleMATTic World Tour features over 100 dates, and commenced on Thursday, July 20 in Bend, Oregon. For his upcoming shows, he will stop by Chicago, Nashville, and Charlotte, among other places.

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After a brief New Year hiatus, The ProbleMATTic World Tour extends into Australia, launching in Perth on January 11, 2024. The tour will make stops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne before going back to North America for the second run.

European fans will have to wait until later next year when he will be performing in 14 different cities including London, Paris, Stockholm, and Milan.

Tickets for the North American dates sold out hours after the announcement, so chances are you might need the help of secondary-market experts to navigate the resell ticket market.

How Much are Matt Rife Tickets?

The average price for Matt Rife tickets are about $400, but the cheapest one can go as low as around $90. Sacrificing views to keep your budget in check is always a good idea. Die-hard fans can also upgrade to VIP tickets for exclusive perks like premium seats, merchandise, or meet-and-greet sessions.

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How to Get Cheap Matt Rife Tickets

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Matt Rife Merch

Based on Matt Rife official website, fans can expect to the following items and price ranges at the tour merch shop:



Classic MR Comedy Club Tote Bag


Classic MR Comedy Club T-Shirt


Classic MR Comedy Club Hoodie


Hot Girls Love Comedy Hoodie


However, the Matt Rife 2024 tour merch is not limited to the venue shop. Fans can get Matt Rife's official merch online through different platforms. Hence, anyone who can't attend the tour can access and buy his merch.

Matt Rife Tour Dates

Tour Dates



May 8


The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

May 9


Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR

May 10


Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

May 11


Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

May 13


Nate Jackson’s Comedy Club, Tacoma WA

May 15


Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

May 16


Linda Ronstadt Music Hall

May 17


Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

May 18


Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

May 19


Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

May 20


Comedy Zone, Greensboro, NC

May 21


Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC

May 22


Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC

May 23


Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC

May 24


The Venue at Thunder Valley Casino, Lincoln, CA

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