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Marty Friedman

Born: December 8, 1962 (61 years)

Genre: Metal and Rock

Top Albums:

  • Wall of Sound

  • One Bad M.F Alive

  • Tokyo Jukebox 3

Top Tracks:

  • The Perfect World

  • Valley of Fire

  • Dragon Mistress

Marty Friedman

From training himself to play the guitar at fourteen, Marty Friedman became a renowned musical talent with 13 solo albums and tours to his name. Friedman first became popular because of his time on the thrash metal band, Megadeth. Since he ended things with the band in 2000, Friedman has been singing solo, and so far, he has had a terrific run.

He has spent most of his years as a solo artist residing in Tokyo, and he has been relevant to the entertainment scene there. He has appeared on over 700 television programs in Japan, showing off his guitar skills.

Marty Friedman Tour 2024

Tour Name: TBA

Tour Dates: TBA

As a solo artist, Marty Friedman has created 13 albums and for almost all of them, he does an international tour right after to promote it. On May 17, Marty released his new album, and if his previous actions are to count for anything, fans can expect an international tour to be announced soon. Whenever it drops, you will find the update here on TicketX, along with affordable tickets to get you a good seat at the concerts.

When Do the Marty Friedman Tickets Go on Sale?

Marty Friedman concert 2024 tour tickets will be available at the cheapest rate on TicketX.

Marty Friedman Tour Details

Marty Friedman Tour Opener

Although there are no official announcements for a tour, check TicketX for any updates on a Marty Friedman tour for 2024! We might be in for a huge surprise this time around as Marty went solo on his last tour with no openers announced.

How Long are Marty Friedman Concerts?

Based on his recent live events, according to, an average Marty Friedman concert can last up to 1 hour.

Marty Friedman Setlist

Based on Marty Friedman's new album, Drama, and past tours, fans can expect to hear the following setlist if Friedman goes on tour in 2024.

  • Illumination

  • Song for an Eternal Child

  • Triumph (Official Version)

  • Thrill City

  • Deep End

  • Dead of Winter

  • Mirage

  • A Prayer

  • Acapella

  • Tearful Confession

  • Icicles

  • 2 Rebeldes (Dead of Winter) (Spanish Version)

Top Performed Songs

  • Stigmata Addiction

  • Devil Take Tomorrow

  • Amagigoe

Marty Friedman Tour Merch

If Marty Friedman decides to embark on his tour for 2024, based on his previous tours, fans can expect the following items and price ranges for the 2024 tour on the official Marty Friedman site:



T-Shirt & Zipped Hoodie

£4.99 - £28.99

T-Shirts(+ Ramones & Smoke)


Gig Poster Tee, Poster, CD, and LP

£15.99 - £67.99

CD, LP & T-Shirt

£15.99 - £35.78

Marty Friedman's Upcoming Concerts

As of June 25, Marty Friedman has made no announcements for upcoming concerts. Make sure to check out TicketX for any updates on upcoming concerts for Friedman.

Marty Friedman 2022 Tour Year Review

Tour Name: Energy Oasis

Tour Dates: August 29 - October 31

The Energy Oasis was Friedman’s first national tour, and it was a success. He visited different Japanese cities, and the big finale was in Shibuya on October 31, 2022.

As reported by Roppongirocks a fan described the experience as the “best set I have heard Marty perform” and went on to highlight how thrilled the audience was by the music. There were also comments on how the on-stage banter at the show was funny and a nice addition to the concert activities.

Marty Friedman's Net Worth and Annual Income

Celebrity Net Worth places Martin Friedman’s net worth at $10 million. While we do not doubt that Marty can be worth this amount, Celebrity Net Worth did not share how they calculated this number, so we can’t entirely trust it. To calculate a person’s net worth, you need the total value of their assets and liabilities, and many celebrities keep this information private.

As a recording and performing artist, Friedman makes money from his tours, album sales, and streams. While we do not have information on his tour revenues, we can still estimate how much he makes from Spotify streams.

Rexius Records places the average stream per Spotify listener at 1.5 to 3.5. If we calculate that Friedman’s 122,510 listeners stream his songs three times a month, he will receive 367,530 streams monthly. At the reported Spotify rate of $0,004 per stream, this would mean Friedman gets paid $176,414 annually from Spotify streams.

Adding all this together and estimating his earnings from other sources, we expect Friedman to be making about $600,000 annually.

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