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Maya Hawke

Born: July 8, 1998 (25 years)

Genre: Alternative and Folk

Top Albums:

  • Blush

  • Moss

  • Chaos Angel

Top Tracks:

  • “Therese”

  • “To Love a Boy”

  • “Missing Out”

Maya Hawke

Most people first got to know Maya Hawke from her time on screen as an actress, but in recent years, she has blown up as a talented singer, too. She released her first two singles in 2019, and since then, she has been on a roll, creating good music and performing at live events across the US.

As a musician, Maya Hawke has released two studio albums since she dropped her debut album, Blush in 2020. Hawke has also toured Europe and the US to promote her albums, and the experience she gave the audience left them anticipating the next tour.

Maya Hawke Tour 2024

Tour Name: TBA

Tour Dates: TBA

Maya Hawke has yet to announce a 2024 tour, but we expect one to be coming soon to promote her latest album, Chaos Angel. In September 2022, she dropped her second studio album, Moss, and by November, she had announced her 2023 tour to promote the album. We expect the same thing to happen with her 2024 album, which was released in May 2024.

How Much Are Maya Hawke's Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Maya Hawke tickets based on their last tour (as of June 25):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Maya Hawke Ticket Price







On TicketX, the cheapest Maya Hawke ticket is to be announced soon.

Maya Hawke Tour Details

Maya Hawke Opener

Although there are no official announcements for a tour, check TicketX for any updates on a Maya Hawke tour for 2024! For her 2023 tour, she had Raaaatscraps, Manu Grace, Alaska Reid, Raffaella, BB Wisely, and Tomfoolery opening for her different shows across Europe and the US.

How Long Are Maya Hawke Concerts?

Based on her previous concerts on average, you can expect her concerts to go on for about 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Maya Hawke Setlist

Based on Maya Hawke's new Album and past tours, fans can expect to hear the following setlist if she goes on tour in 2024.

  • Black Ice

  • Dark

  • Missing Out

  • Wrong Again

  • Okay

  • Better

  • Big Idea

  • Hang In There

  • Promise

  • Chaos Angel

  • Sweet Tooth

  • To Love a BoyPlay

  • Dirt (Florida Georgia Line cover)

Maya Hawke Tour Merch

If Maya Hawke decides to embark on another tour, based on last year’s tour and her regular merch prices, fans can expect the following items and price ranges for her 2024 tour:



Vivien Ramsay Merch Bundle


Unisex Long Sleeve Striped Tee


Chaos Angel Cassette


Chaos Angel CD


Enlightened Tee


Maya Hawke Upcoming Concerts

As of June 26, Maya Hawke has made no announcements for upcoming concerts. Make sure to check out TicketX for any updates on upcoming concerts for Maya Hawke.

Maya Hawke Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Tactless Tour

Tour Dates: February 25 - March 19

The Tactless Tour was Maya’s 2023 tour to promote her second studio album, Moss. She wowed her crowd across European and American cities. The tour had ten dates, starting in Milan, Italy, and ending in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fans describing the experience at the 2023 tour said the music was excellent, and Maya herself was kind and funny. At the start of one of the shows, her earpiece was not working, so she told a chicken joke to engage the crowd. Attendees at her concert usually leave wanting to be at her next show.

Although Maya Hawke is currently not on tour in 2024, check out TicketX for any updates!

Maya Hawke 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Maya Hawke’s net worth is $3 million. Celebrity Net Worth reports the net worth of a number of musicians, but we can’t completely rely on their report because they did not share how they arrived at this figure.

It is difficult to estimate an artist’s net worth because we do not have enough information about their assets and liabilities. To calculate Maya Hawke’s net worth, we would need to subtract the value of her liabilities from her assets.

However, we can estimate her annual income using public information about her earnings. As a movie star, Maya gets paid well for her roles. For instance, she will be paid about $6 million for acting in the final season of Stranger Things.

Regarding music, we have not seen the reports from her tours in terms of music, but we know she makes income annually from her live performances and international tours. Also, since she has 985,590 Spotify monthly listeners we can estimate her streaming earnings on Spotify.

According to Rexius Records, on average, each monthly streamer is worth between 1.5 and 3 streams. If all her listeners streamed 3 times, that means she is getting 2,956,770 streams every month. At the rate of $0.004 per stream, annually, Maya Hawke would be getting paid about $141,924 for streams.

Considering all these factors, we estimate Maya Hawke’s annual earnings to be about $1 million. If she goes on tour in 2024, it could be considerably higher.

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