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Giant Center

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Melanie Martinez

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Aug 04



Grant Park

Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza with blink-182, Melanie Martinez, Conan Gray and many more - Sunday Only Pass

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Hazelwood Green

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Sudden Little Thrills Festival - The Killers and more.

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Hazelwood Green

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Sudden Little Thrills with The Killers, Melanie Martinez, SZA and many more - 2 Day Pass (September 7-8, 2024)

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Melanie Martinez

※ Melanie Martinez Promo code: TX24MAG06

Age: 29 (April 28, 1995)

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Top Albums:

  • Cry Baby

  • K-12

  • Portals

Top Tracks:

  • Play Date

  • Bittersweet Tragedy

  • Lunchbox Friends

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is a singer/songwriter who was born in Queens. She appeared on the third season of the hit talent TV show The Voice and found fame after that when she got signed and released a single. Her debut studio album went double platinum, and her two follow-up albums have done well, too. Martinez is easy to recognize with two-toned hair and bangs, but her visual style marks her unique vocal stylings. She has been nominated for Billboard and MTV Video Music Awards, among others.

Melanie Martinez Tour 2024

Tour Name: The Trilogy Tour

Tour Dates: June 9-October 19

The Trilogy Tour is Melanie Martinez’s first world tour. She will hit cities across the world by stopping off in Germany, Spain, France, Canada, and more. In the U.S., she will appear in Minneapolis, Detroit, Tampa, and many other locations. This is Martinez’s 6th tour, but her first all-arena tour. She will be supporting her three studio albums in the concerts.

Melanie Martinez is hugely popular right now. Fans fell in love with her on The Voice, and once she released her album, they ate it up like candy. Her doll-like appearance helps her uniqueness and popularity. Since there will be a high demand for seats in many of the venues, check TicketX to grab your tickets at the best prices. You don’t have to worry about high commission fees with TicketX like you do with other resale sites. We have the lowest fees in the industry, and those fees remain steady at all times!

How Much Are Melanie Martinez Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Melanie Martinez tickets (as of June 8):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Melanie Martinez Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Melanie Martinez ticket is from $146.51 at Grant Park on Aug 04

Melanie Martinez is relatively new to the music scene, but her fans are thrilled to snap up tickets anywhere they can find them. The Trilogy Tour ticket prices can vary based on location, venue, and even the date on the calendar. We compared the prices in popular cities, Tampa and Phoenix (as of June 11).

Melanie Martinez Tampa Tickets

Venue: Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida

Date: June 18, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Melanie Martinez Phoenix Tickets

Venue: Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Date: June 25, 2024

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Ticket Price











How To Get The Discount Melanie Martinez Tickets

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Melanie Martinez Tour Details

Melanie Martinez Tour Opener

For the 2024 Trilogy Tour, Melanie Martinez is bringing a few different openers, depending on the dates and venues. Some of the artists you can expect are Elita, Beach Bunny, Sofia Isella, and Lola Young.

How Long Are Melanie Martinez Concerts?

Fans on TikTok reported that Melanie Martinez’s opening act was about 30 minutes in length. They then reported a 30-minute break and then a 1-hour show from Martinez herself. Melanie Martinez only has three albums to her name thus far, so unless she were to sing all of them in their entirety, the concert is likely to be shorter than some.

Melanie Martinez Setlist

Melanie Martinez's Tour setlist may change based on the venue and date, but the Trilogy Tour generally has a similar setlist. This entire setlist is based on the concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York on June 6 as fans reported to

  • Cry Baby

  • Dollhouse

  • Sippy Cup

  • Carousel

  • Alphabet Boy

  • Soap

  • Pity Party

  • Play Date

  • Mad Hatter

  • Wheels on the Bus

  • Class Fight

  • Show & Tell

  • Nurse’s Office

  • Strawberry Shortcake

  • Lunchbox Friends

  • Teacher’s Pet

  • High School Sweethearts

  • Death

  • Void

  • Tunnel Vision

  • Faerie Soiree

  • Light Shower

  • Spider Web

  • Battle of the Larynx

  • The Contortionist

  • Nymphology

  • Evil

  • Womb

Melanie Martinez Tour Merch

According to her official online store, Melanie Martinez often travels with the following merch during her Trilogy Tour.



K-12 Dress


Tour T-shirt


Album T-shirt








Tank Top




Melanie Martinez Upcoming Concerts

Melanie Martinez is busy with her Trilogy Tour, but will also be participating in the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Lollapalooza, and Sudden Little Thrills Festival. She may pop up at other events, too, and if those dates are added, TicketX will have the information. Check back regularly for all the details!

There are a variety of places you can get your tickets. Check with the venue box offices for easy access to seating charts and prices. You can also secure tickets at varying ticketing websites, but TicketX charges regular commission fees that never fluctuate, no matter how much your seats cost!

Melanie Martinez 2023 Tour Review

Tour Name: Portals Tour

Tour Dates: June 11-October 19

In 2023, Melanie Martinez went on a U.S. tour to promote her “Portals” album. She traveled to cities like Fort Worth, Minneapolis, and Sunrise. She also took things international with stops in Canada, Ireland, and Germany.

The review on Utah Concert Review went over Martinez’s 2023 concert. She based her concert on her doll characters, and fans burst with excitement. Those who wanted merchandise had to stand in long lines, and the diverse crowd was dressed up like fairies, dolls, or other creatures. The concert was graved with fog machines, and the crowd cheered each time they went off, even when Melanie didn’t appear right away. Casual fans were shocked that avid listeners around them knew every word of every song. Reviewers felt Martinez was able to connect to every concert-goer.

The concert attendees who weren’t into the dress-up game felt fans took things too far, and walking amongst the crowd at the concert was almost a scary experience. Some complained about the music being too loud or the crowd being too loud for them to hear the concert they paid to attend.

Melanie Martinez’s concerts are popular, and more dates could be added to the already booked list. TicketX will have details moving forward, so stay tuned to get the information you need!

About Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez decided to dye her hair half-blonde after she watched the 101 Dalmatians at the age of 16. She is well known for that look, as well as her baby doll outfits. She has been described as ‘doll-like’ and ‘emo’ as well as ‘hyperreal.’ Martinez bases her songs on her personal experiences and describes certain songs as dark and honest. Others include nostalgic childhood sounds like music boxes and baby pianos.

Melanie Martinez 2024 Net Worth

Melanie Martinez has skyrocketed through the music world since her appearance on The Voice and Celebrity Net Worth reports her net worth is around $8 million.

It is hard for experts to state how much any celebrity is worth as many financial details are private. Musicians often have many avenues of revenue and Melanie Martinez is no different. Since they get funding from streaming, concert sales, appearances, and many other areas, it is hard to track financial information in real-time.

Popnable reports that Melanie Martinez made around $2 million in 2023. Since she has another album out more, which leads to more streaming sales and a concert tour, those numbers are set to rise this year. She’s a newer artist, but she’s hot and ready to bubble over. The website estimates she’ll make in the range of $4.3 million in 2024. This information is based on the popularity of her streaming songs, her concert revenue, and her appearance charges.

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