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Mike Sherm

Born: September 30, 1996 (age 27)


Top Albums:

  • Throwbacks

  • 2020

  • The Platform

Top Tracks:

  • Gotta Get it

  • Bands on me

  • A-hole

Mike Sherm (Music)

Mike Sherm is an American rapper who blew up after his songs where discovered on SoundCloud and YouTube; a couple of tracks were on the rise. The music and lyrics by Mike Sherm show the combination of old-school hip-hop with trap beats. He started rapping at 12 years old and released his first mixtape at just 15 years old. He didn't really get much attention from rappers until he released "Gotta Get It" in 2015. Since his rise to fame in 2015, Mike Sherm has been very successful with the music. He now has many fans, constantly pumping out music for them.

Mike Sherm Upcoming Concerts





Mike Sherm

July 13


Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ

Mike Sherm

July 26


The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

Mike Sherm Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Mike Sherm Live

Tour Dates: November 18 -June 22

Mike Sherm is making noise in the hip-hop circuit with his dynamic tour in 2023-2024, where he covered tours across United States. From the top venues at the Belasco in Los Angeles to the Republik in Honolulu and the House of Blues in San Diego, he gave a chance for fans to watch him live. Mike Sherm also stopped in Fresno for a show at Full Circle Brewing Co., Seattle's Showbox at the Market, and Roseland Theatre in Portland. His top-visited state is California—no surprise there because that is his hometown. Mike Sherm's tour schedule has been great; he even went international, performing in Canada, which gained more exposure. His tour had more than 30 shows in total to show how energizing his performances were and how much time he dedicated to his fans.

Mike Sherm's recent tour performances have drawn a range of responses from fans. On the positive side, many fans were thrilled with his strong and dynamic stage presence and mentioned that the overall atmosphere of the show was filled with energy. Some fans noted that although they were waiting for the main act, the DJ's music choices kept the vibes electrifying, enhanced their overall experience, and kept the energy high.

However, not all fan reviews were glowing. Some fans were disappointed with the very short duration of his performances and the show's structure, especially given the long wait time. One fan felt that the show needed to be frustrated that Mike Sherm only performed for about 45 minutes, less than an hour, leaving a lot of downtimes that took away from the overall experience. Another fan expressed frustration that the concert was filled with a lot of SoundCloud rappers that were not known, so people did not enjoy it as much, and to add to their disappointment, the DJ kept playing pre-recorded tracks, which overshadowed Mike Sherm's own music. Overall, Mike Sherm's talent and energy are evident; the frustration stems from not seeing Mike Sherm as fans expected. He is a young artist, and while Mike Sherm doesn't have any tours yet, there is a growth potential. Be sure to check out TicketX for any updates!

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Mike Sherm 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

According to I Am Gold Panda, Mike Sherm's net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $2 million. This figure gives a very wide range explanation of his financial status, although the website does not disclose how this result is reached. In the absence of a well-detailed process, the exactness associated with this net worth figure is much in doubt. However, it gives some idea about his financial success.

In other words, estimating net worth, especially for artists like Mike Sherm, can be challenging due to undisclosed information and various revenue streams that are not always public. Income from music sales, streaming, touring, and endorsements can fluctuate and are often not fully transparent.

TicketX has attempted to calculate Mike Sherm's annual income based on available data. His top song on Spotify in 2024 garnered 58,773,802 streams. Based on the average rates so far provided to artists for their streamed music, the money they make usually stays between $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. If he charged accordingly and used the average earning rate of $0.004 per stream, then this song would have earned him roughly $235,095. But beyond streaming, touring came next as a potential way to earn lots of money. I Am Panda added that in the previous tour by Mike Sherm, he did over 30 shows netting several millions from ticket sales and merchandise. It explains better his probable annual earnings and the financially successful career of the star in 2024.

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