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Genre: K-POP

Top Tracks: Super Shy, OMG, ETA, Hype Boy, Ditto, New Jeans, Cool With You, Attention, ASAP, Get Up


NewJeans is a South Korean girl group formed by ADOR, consisting of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. They debuted on July 22, 2022, with the single "Attention" which topped South Korea's Circle Digital Chart, followed by singles "Hype Boy" and "Cookie", all included in their debut EP. In January 2023, their single album "OMG" was released, with "Ditto" achieving significant success on various charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart. Their second EP, "Get Up," reached number one on the US Billboard 200, with its lead single "Super Shy" achieving high chart positions globally. NewJeans has received numerous rookie awards and has been recognized by Time and Forbes. They were named the eighth best-selling artist worldwide in 2023 by IFPI and have collaborated with brands such as Levi's, Coca-Cola, and Apple Inc. NewJeans' music incorporates a blend of R&B, electropop, and hip hop, defined by its mellow beats, atmospheric synthesizers, and live vocals, reminiscent of 1990s and 2000s pop and R&B. Their work has drawn comparisons to late-1990s K-pop groups, integrating elements of UK garage, Baltimore club, Jersey club, and moombahton, especially with their second EP, "Get Up," focusing more on dance and club music. Critics have praised NewJeans for their soft, contained, and delicate sound, a contrast to the "maximalist" styles of their peers, offering "easy listening" music without the "explosive" EDM traits commonly found in the market. Their music, described as "sleek and lethally hooky," is largely produced by 250 and Park Jin-su (FRNK), with members also contributing to songwriting. Inspired by high school teen dramas, their songs reflect a distinct identity and aesthetic, under the guidance of executive producer Min Hee-jin, who aims to diverge from conventional K-pop formulas to create a unique and cohesive discography.


NewJeans has rapidly emerged as a highly influential force in the global pop and K-pop scenes, earning widespread recognition for their innovative music and cultural impact. Praised by major publications like Billboard, The Times of India, and Time, they have been lauded for breaking new ground in an industry known for its rigid conventions. Their unique "carefree, laid-back, and natural" sound has not only reshaped the landscape of South Korean pop but also influenced emerging K-pop groups, underlining their role as trendsetters. The group's commercial success is remarkable, with record-breaking album sales and streaming milestones, including becoming the fastest K-pop act to reach one billion streams on Spotify. Their achievements in 2023, such as ranking eighth on the IFPI's Global Recording Artist of the Year list and being the second highest-ranked female artist, underscore their global influence and popularity. NewJeans' accolades extend beyond music, as they have received numerous awards, including making history at the MAMA and Melon Music Awards and being recognized at the Billboard Women in Music awards. Their impact has also been significant in the fashion industry, where they've been heralded as "an overnight fashion favorite" and have influenced designers and fashion trends, further showcasing their broad cultural influence.

How did NewJeans rise to fame?

Before joining NewJeans, members gained experience in the entertainment industry through television, music, and dance, laying a foundational stage presence and performance skill set. The group's formation was a carefully orchestrated effort that began as early as 2019, led by Min Hee-jin, a renowned figure known for her visual direction in the K-pop industry. Through global auditions and meticulous selection, the final lineup was solidified by early 2022 under Hybe's independent label, ADOR. NewJeans made a bold entrance into the music scene on July 22, 2022, with a surprise release of their debut single "Attention," followed by their self-titled EP which included hits like "Hype Boy" and "Cookie." Their innovative approach to music and promotion, eschewing conventional pre-release hype, paid off, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike. The group's debut was marked by significant commercial success, including record-breaking pre-order sales and their debut EP becoming the best-selling debut album by a K-pop female act in South Korea. Continuing their ascent, NewJeans released the single "Ditto" from their first single album "OMG," which dominated charts and garnered international recognition, followed by "OMG" itself receiving critical acclaim for its retro-style theme. Their subsequent EP, "Get Up," marked another milestone, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, a testament to their global appeal and the solidification of their status in the K-pop industry. In 2023, NewJeans' influence expanded beyond music to collaborations with Coca-Cola and a significant presence in major events like Lollapalooza and Summer Sonic Festival. Their involvement in soundtracks and a collaboration with Riot Games for the League of Legends World Championship theme song showcased their versatile talent and appeal across various platforms.

NewJeans upcoming Tours and Concerts 2024

NewJeans is scheduled to appear as special guests at IU's '2024 IU HER World Tour' concert next month, a collaboration suggested by IU herself. Their relationship began in July during an appearance on IU's YouTube channel, 'IU's Palette,' where NewJeans members expressed admiration for IU. The collaboration deepened when NewJeans' Hyein featured in IU's song "Shh.." from her album 'The Winning.' Fans are excited for the potential live performance of "Shh.." and NewJeans' hits during the concert. However, NewJeans' North American tour just ended in March 2024. The next show is still undecided, but keep your eyes on TicketX, as this is sure to change soon!

NewJeans' setlist

NewJeans’ setlist might vary depending on venues, but NewJeans likely sings famous top-ranked songs as well as new songs in the albums.

  • Super Shy

  • OMG

  • ETA

  • Hype Boy

  • Ditto

  • New Jeans

  • Cool With You

  • Attention

  • ASAP

  • Get Up

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