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Born: March 30, 1991 (age 33)

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Top Albums:

  • The Search

  • Therapy Session

  • Perception

Top Tracks:

  • HOPE

  • Let You Down

  • The Search


Rapper-singer-songwriter NF has inspired legions of fans with his unique approach to hip hop and rap music, in which he has chosen an introspective approach that tackles difficult emotional issues. NF got his start out of Christian music, though in his professional career he does not deal with Christian practices or beliefs explicitly due to the desire to convey a more broadly relatable message to his audience. NF has certainly gone through more than his share of hardship in his life with his mother dying of an overdose when he was just 18 (he penned the track “How Could You Leave Us” about her). He cites Eminem as by far his biggest musical influence.

NF Tour 2024

Tour Name: HOPE TOUR 2024

Tour Dates: February 2-June 8

Following the release of his sixth studio album Hope in 2023, NF began a massive world tour that began with a series of dates in 2023 and resumed in early 2024 with a second leg with concerts across Australia and the United States. The US portion of the tour kicked off on May 8 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Fiserv Forum, followed by dates at Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, MI), Spectrum Center (Charlotte, NC), American Airlines Center (Dallas, TX), and Kia Forum (Los Angeles, CA). The final concert of the tour was held at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California on June 8.

For fans of modern rap and hip hop, NF has steadily emerged over the past decade as one of the biggest names in the rap game today. Tickets to concerts on NF’s tour will sell out fast, so get onto TicketX immediately for all the cheapest tickets. Unlike resale sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster where service fees tend to fluctuate based on venues, ticket types, and ticket prices, TicketX guarantees a set rate of 20%. Buy your NF tickets from TicketX today with just one click, all with the lowest commission fees around!

How much are NF tickets?

Self-reported average prices of NF tickets for his 2024 tour are (as of June 12, 2024):

Ticket Resale Site

NF Ticket Prices







On TicketX, the cheapest NF ticket is to be announced soon.

NF tickets vary in price depending on popularity and location. As one example, we compared the prices of NF tickets for Dallas and Los Angeles.

NF Tour Details

NF Tour Opener

NF was occasionally joined by Cordae as an opening/support act for some of the shows on his HOPE TOUR 2024. Check TicketX for updates on guest artists performing with NF in future performances (and for all the cheapest NF tickets!).

How long are NF concerts?

Based on previous performances on his HOPE TOUR 2024 (source:, NF concerts tend to be at least 1 hour 37 minutes, plus time for guest performers/openers.

NF Tour Setlist

This setlist from was compiled based on one of NF’s most recent tour concerts at Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida on May 25. NF’s tour setlist may of course change from time to time based on venue, date, and the artists’ preferences.

  1. HOPE

  2. MOTTO


  4. The Search

  5. Leave Me Alone

  6. My Stress

  7. Time



  10. WHY

  11. Hate Myself

  12. MAMA

  13. HAPPY


  15. Let You Down

  16. GONE

  17. When I Grow Up

  18. CLOUDS


NF Tour Merch

Whenever NF is on tour, fans can expect his merchandise to have prices roughly similar to those on his online store (listed below):



Vinyl (2LP)


Signed CD




Dad Hat/CD


Long Sleeve/CD




NF Upcoming Events

With a massive tour spanning two years winding up on June 8, it seems like NR will be taking a bit of a breather before he gets going with touring and performing live again. No NR concerts or appearances are yet scheduled for the remainder of 2024, though this is likely to change at some point. Keep checking back on TicketX for updates on future NF concerts or appearances at music festivals.

NF’s 2024 net worth and annual income

According to Celebrity Net Worth website, NF’s net worth is currently somewhere in the vicinity of $6 million. As well as high record sales from his increasingly successful studio albums, Zeiders has accumulated the rest of his fortune from sold out concerts, online media, merchandise sales, and endorsements.

Although calculating NF’s annual income exactly is a tall order, what we can say that because his songs are streamed close to 4 million times per day (according to Spotify’s estimate from June 11, 2024), NF likely makes nearly $16,000 each day from streaming alone for a total of nearly $6 million of annual streaming income.

As for touring, if we also assume that NF makes $50,000 per concert appearance, with 23 concerts scheduled for 2024, we can estimate that he will bank roughly $1.2 million from live performances this year.

With merchandising, various endorsements, and all his other sources of income factored in, NF should stand to rake in at least $8 million of income in 2024.

Fans should be aware that attempting to work out the annual income and net worth of any artist is difficult due to the complex nature of income derived from so many sources (ticket sales, recording royalties, assets, merchandising, and endorsements). Most financial information is also kept private.

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