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Members: Takhiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki

Year of Formation: 2005

Genre: Rock

Top Tracks: The Beginning, Renegades.

Country: Japan

One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock is a cocktail of high-octane energy, emotional intensity, and electrifying performances. The band was formed in Tokyo in 2005, consisting of four young artists creating their own unique blend of rock, pop, and punk. Their sound is characterized by a lot of excitement and melody that merge together in an invigorating combination.

The band started out their journey in Japan, releasing Japanese music until they shifted their focus and started to make songs in the English language. Their fan base began to expand, earning them global popularity and relevance. Their evolution gained momentum when they released their sixth studio album in 2013 and managed to break out further than they ever had. Eight years after the formation of the group, the album gave them the push they needed to properly infiltrate US markets and charts.

Takhiro MoriuchiToru YamashitaRyota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki make up the four members of One Ok Rock, each with his own area of focus. The band started off like every other boy band in Japan until they shook out of their comfort zone and swam in international waters. In 2021, they established themselves as an even bigger force by leaving their management company, Amuse Inc, to start their own agency in the United States, now called 10969 Inc.

One Ok Rock Discography

The band was primarily a Japanese band until the release of their sixth album, JinseixBoku=. The project was met with unprecedented acceptance, launching them into new audiences. One of the most popular songs on the project, “The Beginning,” was a catalyst for the album’s success.

Following the release of their sixth album, the band started to cater to international audiences. They began to release their songs in English as well as Japanese. This move preceded their breach of the U.S. Billboard chart when their seventh album 35xxxv made it to the chart in 2015. Since then, they have gone on to drop more projects with their eighth album, Ambitions, peaking at 106 on the Billboard 200. Their ninth and tenth albums, Eye of the Storm and Luxury Disease, were released in 2019 and 2022, respectively.

Upcoming One Ok Rock Concerts

One Ok Rock is an active touring band with an extensive performance history. Apart from their sound, the band is known for its unique and energetic live performances. With an expansive discography and numerous concerts under their belt (both local and international), One Ok Rock keeps their fans plugged into the music as well as the experience.

On the 25th of May at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, the band is set for yet another one of such exhilarating performances at the Super Dry Special live concert.

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One Ok Rock Setlist

Although the Setlist may vary depending on the event, popular song picks you can expect are Let Me Let You GoTaking OffVandalizeNeonWasted NightsWonderSave Yourself, Stand Out Fit In, and Renegades.

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