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Peso Pluma Tickets

Peso Pluma

Born: June 15, 1999 (24 years)

Genre: Narcocorridos

Top Albums:

  • Ah y Qué?

  • Efectos Secundarios

  • Génesis

Top Tracks:


  • Lo Que Me Das

  • Con Dinero Baila el Perro

Peso Pluma

Peso Pluma, born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija on June 15, 1999, in Zapopan, Mexico, is a Mexican singer and rapper. He achieved international fame in 2023 with hits like "Ella baila sola" and "La Bebe (Remix)." Known for his delicate baritone voice, Pluma's career skyrocketed with his debut album "Ah y Que?" in 2020. He seamlessly blends traditional Mexican music with modern hip-hop influences. Pluma's success is marked by numerous awards, including Gold and Platinum certifications for singles like "Ella baila sola" and "La Intención." With a string of chart-topping releases, Peso Pluma continues to dominate the music scene with his unique sound and style.

Peso Pluma Tour 2024

Tour Name: Exodo Tour

Tour Dates: May 26-October 11

From Chicago to New York to Los Angeles and beyond, fans across the US are looking forward to Peso Pluma's tour. It includes several states and cities, including a special appearance at the Governor's Ball in New York. There are over 30 shows planned - which concert would you like to secure cheap tickets for?

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How Much Are Peso Pluma Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Peso Pluma tickets (as of June 5):

Ticket Resale Site

Average Peso Pluma Ticket Price





On TicketX, the cheapest Peso Pluma ticket is from $22.98 at Delta Center on Aug 11

The price of Peso Pluma tickets varies depending on location and popularity. For example, we compared the prices of Peso Pluma tickets for Houston and Chicago:

Peso Pluma Houston Tickets

Venue: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Date: July 26, 2024

Ticket Resale Site

Ticket Price











Peso Pluma Chicago Tickets

Venue: United Center, Chicago, Illinois

Date: October 6, 2024

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Ticket Price











Peso Pluma Tour Details

Peso Pluma Tour Opener

For the 2023 tour, Peso Pluma had Mexican rapper Alemán – no opener has been announced for the current tour.

How Long Are Peso Pluma Concerts?

Based on his last tour, you can expect his concert to last 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Peso Pluma Setlist

Peso Pluma's Tour setlist may change depending on the concert venue and dates. The following list is based on the November 8, 2023, concert at San Nicolás, Mexico, from the

  • Ella baila sola

  • PRC

  • Lady Gaga (with Gabito Ballesteros)

  • AMG (with Gabito Ballesteros)

  • Tulum (with Grupo Frontera) (Live debut)

  • un x100to (Grupo Frontera cover) (with Grupo Frontera)

  • No se va (Morat cover) (Grupo Frontera only)

  • BZRP Music Sessions #55 (Bizarrap & Peso Pluma cover)

  • La Bebe (Yng Lvcas, Peso Pluma cover) (with Yng Lvcas)

  • QLONA (KAROL G cover)

  • Quema (Ryan Castro cover)

  • Plebada (El Alfa, Peso Pluma cover)

  • Por las noches (Nicki Nicole cover)

  • Bye

  • Luna

  • El Azul (Peso Pluma, Junior H cover)

  • La people (with Tito Double P)

  • Gavilán ll (with Tito Double P)

  • Dembow bélico (with Tito Double P)

  • Su casa (with Luis R. Conriquez)

  • Siempre pendientes (Peso Pluma, Luis R. Conriquez cover) (with Luis R. Conriquez)

  • El Gavilán (Peso Pluma, Luis R. Conriquez cover) (with Luis R. Conriquez)

  • Medallo (Blessed cover) (Blessd only)

  • Las morras (with Blessd)

  • Ojos Azules (Peso Pluma, Blessed cover)

  • Chanel (Becky G cover)

  • El Belicon (Raul Vega cover)

  • Nueva vida

  • Rosa pastel (with Jasiel Nuñez)

  • Bipolar (Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez cover) (with Jasiel Nuñez)

  • Lagunas (with Jasiel Nuñez)

  • Zapata

  • Rubicon

Peso Pluma Tour Merch

Based on Peso Pluma's Official Website, fans can expect one item that they can preorder:



Peso Completo Oversized T-Shirt


Peso Pluma Upcoming Concerts

As of June 5, Peso Pluma has made no announcements for upcoming concerts. Make sure to check out TicketX for any updates on upcoming concerts for Peso Pluma.

Peso Pluma Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Double P

Tour Dates: June 11-December 17

Peso Pluma's 2023 tour took him through a range of vibrant cities across the United States, including stops in California, Texas, and New York. Additional performances were also held in Las Vegas and Phoenix, allowing fans nationwide to experience Peso Pluma's exceptional talent firsthand. With a total of 16 shows, the tour provided audiences with unforgettable moments and showcased Peso Pluma's captivating stage presence.

Peso Pluma 2024 Net Worth

According to, Peso Pluma's net worth in 2024 is $20 million. His financial success in 2024 reflects his growing prominence in the music industry. With earnings of approximately $300.8K for the year, derived mainly from his live performances, he continues to solidify his status as a top-tier artist.

Moreover, his presence on streaming platforms like Spotify contributes significantly to his income. With an impressive 49.4 million monthly listeners and his album GÉNESIS ranking as the eighth-most streamed album of the year, Peso Pluma amassed a staggering 8.9 billion streams on the platform in 2024. These streams translate to substantial royalties, totaling $43 million, distributed across sound recording, mechanical, and performance royalties.

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