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Pharrell Williams

Age: 50 (born April 5, 1973)

Genre: Pop, R&B, rap, soul, hip hop

Top Tracks: Happy, Feels, Airplane Tickets, Cash In Cash Out, Hit Different, Frontin', Drop It Like It's Hot, Beautiful, Can I Have It Like That, Brand New

Top Albums: Girl, In My Mind, No One Ever Really Dies, Nothing, Fly or Die

Pharrell Williams

With one of the smoothest, coolest, flyest, most instantly recognizable voices in American pop music, Pharrell Williams (known simply as Pharrell in the entertainment business) has evolved from “that guy who sings the melody between the rappers” into one of the most prestigious and sought after artists and producers in the music world today. Hits like “Beautiful” have had clubbers dancing into the wee hours for decades now, while no parent has escaped the permeation of “Happy” into what seems like almost every children’s movie and TV show. With incredible range, rhythm, and swagger, there is no one out there who can sing it cool quite like Pharrell.

How much do Pharrell Williams tickets cost?

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How to find the cheapest Pharrell Williams tickets

Pharrell Williams is one of the most popular musicians around today, meaning tickets to his concerts will sell out quickly and ticket prices will tend to be quite high. If you are searching for the cheapest Pharrell Williams tickets, TicketX is the place to find them. On TicketX, you can purchase the cheapest Pharrell Williams tickets with the lowest commission fees in just one click.


Looking at the guy, no one would ever believe that Pharrell Williams is 50, but it’s true. Nonetheless, the number of awards that Pharrell has won over the years for his music still outstrips his years, at 57 (and counting), including 13 Grammys, 4 BETs, 6 Billboard Music Awards, and many others.

How did Pharrell Williams rise to fame?

Pharrell Williams began his career in a hip-hop duo known as The Neptunes out of the small town of Virginia Beach, where he was born and raised. Pharrell was actually the backup singer in the duo for most songs, but the pair’s many charting singles led to Pharrell’s qualities as a singer being noticed. His career went into overdrive from there, as he collaborated with and produced many of the most famous artists around today.

Past Pharrell Williams Collaborations

It might be easier to construct a list of top artists who Pharrell Williams has not collaborated with rather than who he has shared the spotlight with, so prolific is his musical Rolodex. Just a short list of the musical nobility with whom Pharrell has shared a microphone include as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, and Britney Spears.

Pharrell Williams Tours and Concerts 2024

It is highly recommended to purchase Pharrell Williams tickets from TicketX as early as possible due to high demand. Keep checking back on TicketX regularly for the latest information so that you don’t miss out on the cheapest tickets to experience the unforgettable spectacle of Pharrell Williams in concert. The best time to buy your Pharrell Williams tickets from TicketX is right now!

Pharrell Williams 2024 Tour - Tour Dates

Pharrell Williams is not currently touring and has not announced any touring dates or appearances in 2024. Check back soon, as new dates and locations for Pharrell Williams live concerts will be announced and added soon.

Pharrell Williams - Tour Dates, Venues, and Concert Locations

The following are the upcoming tour dates, venues, and locations (cities) for Pharrell Williams concerts.

*Please check back soon. Pharrell Williams concerts will be added here as they are announced.

Pharrell Williams’s Tour Setlist

Pharrell Williams's setlist tends to vary depending on the venue or the mood of the artist, but you can count on him giving her fans what they want with some of her best known classic hits like Happy, Beautiful, and Drop It Like It’s Hot. Expect to hear some new material as well, as Pharrell never gives exactly the same concert twice!

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