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Born: May 27, 1976 (48 years)

Genre: Hip hop, Indie rock, Electronic

Top Albums:

  • Deadringer

  • Since We Last Spoke

  • The Colossus

Top Tracks:

  • A beautiful Mine

  • Ghostwriter

  • Smoke & Mirrors


Ramble Jon Krohn, also known as RJD2, is an American musician and record producer famous for his work in the hip-hop and indie rock genres. He came into the limelight with the release of his debut solo album, Deadringer, in 2002. This album set him up as a notable figure in the hip-hop scene. In his recently released album Visions Out Of Limelight, RJD2 once again showcased his talent for making memorable melodies using hypnotic live instrumentation. Although he is not listed for any awards, his contribution and influence in the music and television industries cannot be understated.

RJD2 Tour 2024

Tour Name: TBA

Tour Dates: TBA

RJD2 often hits the road for tours five months after launching new music to promote his work. Following the release of RJD2’s latest album, Visions Out of Limelight, on June 14, 2024, the tour dates are already pouring in. Four dates are already scheduled for New York, Washington, and Florida, according to his official Instagram page.

How Much Are RJD2 Tickets?

The self-reported average price of RJD2 Tickets based on their last tour (as of June 2024):

Tickets Resale Site

Average RJD2 Ticket Price





RJD2 Tour Details

RJD2 Tour Opener

Although RJD2 has not officially announced a tour, keep an eye on TicketX for any updates on a tour for 2024! According to Concert archives, his last tour featured a mix of solo performances and artists like Emancipator, Cloudchord, Quarter Water, and many more.

How Long Are RJD2 Concerts?

Based on information from his last tour and according to Concerty, RJD2 concerts typically last around 1 hour, with a full set that spans his extensive discography.

RJD2 Setlist

With the release of his new album Visions Out of Limelight, fans can expect to hear a mix of new tracks and his staple songs when he goes on tour in 2024. Some of these include:

From Visions Out of Limelight

  • Cold Eggs

  • Catch The Exit Door

  • Through it all

  • What I Do, Man

  • Es El Nuevo Estilo

  • Resting On The One

  • Fools At The Haul

  • Wild For The Night

  • Another Dime From Messoud

  • Apocalypse March

  • A Real Screamer

  • Full Time Move, Jack

  • Asphalt Lamentations

Staple Songs

  • The Horror

  • Ghostwriter

  • Smoke & Mirrors

RJD2 Tour Merch

If RJD2 decides to embark on his tour for 2024, using his 2023 tour merch available on the Orchard online store as a reference, fans can expect the following items and price ranges for RJD2’s 2024 tour:













RJD2 Upcoming Concerts






July 13


The Crocodile - Old Location, Seattle, WA

RJD2 Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Escape From Sweet Auburn tour

Tour Dates: February 4-December 2

RJD2 went on tour in 2023 to promote his Escape From Sweet Auburn Album with STS, released in August 2022, according to Bandcamp. The tour hit several key locations across the United States, from intimate clubs to large festivals, such as Oregon, Ohio, Texas, and Colorado.

Fans who were present at his 2023 shows described the concerts as a refreshing combo of cinematic and funky sounds that were genuine and engaging. In general, there was a consensus that RJD2 was able to create a vibrant atmosphere with his music. However, a small section of people felt his set length was a bit disappointing, describing it as shorter than expected.

RJD2 is not currently on tour. To get the latest information on RJD2’s touring schedule, check him out on TicketX.

RJD2 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

Estimating RJD2’s net worth is tricky because his financial records in terms of his touring earnings and streaming data, are not publicly available. However, we can estimate his annual Spotify income by using the number of his monthly listeners. RJD2 has about 600k monthly listeners (as of June 27, 2024), and according to Rexius Records, the average stream per listener is between 1.5 and 3.5. Assuming his listeners average about 3 streams per listener, this would give approximately 1.8 million monthly streams. Spotify pays an average of $0.0035 per stream; this brings RJD2’s estimated Spotify monthly income to roughly $5,700 per month or $70,000 annually.

It is important to note that this estimate only reflects Spotify earnings and doesn’t include concert revenue, merchandise, or other streaming platforms. Details on RJD2’s touring income are also unavailable, which could significantly add to his financial profile.

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