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Sky Ferreira

Age: 31 (July 8, 1992)

Genre: Synth Pop, Indie

Top Albums:

  • Night Time, My Time

  • Masochism (anticipated)

Top Tracks:

  • Everything Is Embarrassing

  • Obsession

  • Don’t Forget

Sky Ferreira

Top singer Sky Ferreira became famous majorly because of her debut album, Night Time, My Time. Her spotlight moment came on the back of the album’s mash of synth-pop and indie, with an oomph of raw, confessional lyrics. Her offbeat voice and uncompromising artistic vision set her apart from her peers littered across the industry. She has acclaim, including the NME Award for Best Track. Despite challenges in releasing her follow-up album, Masochism, she remains a celebrated figure for her originality and dedication to the craft.

Sky Ferreira New Album

Sky Ferreira’s much-looked-forward-to sophomore album, Masochism, has been the subject of intense speculation since its production was first announced in 2014. Ferreira, upon gaining fame with her 2013 debut, Night Time, My Time, has faced a litany of hurdles in releasing its follow-up.

A January 2023 Rolling Stone piece stated that Ferreira has blamed unnamed people for deeming her “difficult,” which she says has stalled her career and delayed her music releases. Despite the delays, Ferreira has kept fans hopeful with intermittent updates. In 2019, she released the track “Downhill Lullaby,” signaling that new music was on the horizon, though the album did not follow.

In 2022, she dropped “Don't Forget,” which again pointed to the possibility of Masochism being released soon, but it has yet to arrive. On Instagram, she expressed her frustration, stating, “This is not my fault & it’s not a conspiracy or whatever,” and divulged the difficulties she has faced in getting her music out.

The singer’s battle with her record label, Capitol Records, has been a significant factor in the delays, says Tastemakers Magazine. In an Instagram post, Ferreira stated, “Being ‘difficult’ or ‘high strung’ doesn’t give people the right to damage & stall my career.” She emphasized her need to protect her work and herself in a challenging situation.

Adding to the anticipation, she recently announced a mid-sized tour across the continental US and UK starting on November 25, her first official tour since 2014. This announcement has fueled speculation that Masochism might finally see the light of day, potentially coinciding with the tour.

Despite the prolonged wait and numerous setbacks, Ferreira remains determined to release her music on her terms, showing resilience and a steadfast commitment to her artistic vision. Check TicketX for updates on Sky Ferreira’s new album.

Sky Ferreira Upcoming Concerts





Sky Ferreira Concert

September 20


San Francisco, CA

Sky Ferreira Concert

September 23


Portland, OR

Sky Ferreira Concert

September 24


Seattle, WA

Sky Ferreira Concert

September 26


Vancouver, Canada

Love Letters Fest 2024

September 27-29, 2024

Friday - Sunday

Salt Lake City, UT

Eat The Beat Festival

November 30, 2024


Melbourne, Australia

Sky Ferreira Tour 2023 Review

Tour Name: Fall 2023 Tour

Tour Dates: November 25-December 11

Sky Ferreira’s Fall 2023 tour marks her first extensive run of live shows in years, with a series of concerts spanning across the US. Kicking off on November 25 in Pomona, California, she visited major cities, including New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Despite anticipation, the tour did not go international. It comprised eight performances across the US and was notable for its intimate venues and nostalgic appeal.

Fan reviews of the trek tour were a mixed bag of enthusiasm and frustration. Attendees have praised Ferreira’s compelling stage presence and the nostalgic value of her setlist. On Tonitruale, a concert-goer confessed to a memorable experience despite notorious lateness; she claims the show was electrifying and she felt it the moment Ferreira finally hit the stage. Despite waiting for some time for the show to start, there was a collective excitement in the crowd that made it all worth it.

However, the recurring issue of late starts and technical difficulties has also been a point of contention. According to The Daily Beast, her shows have been plagued by delays and technical issues, with performances starting nearly three hours late on average.

While Ferreira is currently not scheduled for any further tours in 2024, fans can stay updated on potential future shows and ticket availability through platforms like TicketX. The buzz around Ferreira’s elusive sophomore album Masochism continues to stir excitement among her fanbase, with hopes that future tour dates might align with new music releases.

How Much Are Sky Ferreira Tickets?

The self-reported average price of Sky Ferreira Tickets based on their last tour (as of June 30):

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Sky Ferreira 2024 Net Worth and Annual Income

Sky Ferreira’s net worth is challenging to determine, mostly due to the lack of transparent, consistent information. Figures from various sources, including Popnable, put her net worth in 2024 between $1 million and $5 million.

The range mirrors the difficulties that come with gauging wealth, given the inconsistent reporting methods and limited public disclosures. The people considered often do not declare their assets publicly, and they may have other income streams we are not aware of or unable to trace. What’s more, as celebs grow wealthier, their net worth predictions become less and less accurate.

Estimating her earnings is further complicated by the lack of detailed breakdowns from her financial sources. Popnable’s estimate of her 2024 earnings falls between $514,300 and $679,600. This estimate is based on available data, but without a clear methodology, its accuracy remains questionable.

In order to provide a more detailed picture, it’s essential to consider her streaming and tour revenues. Ferreira’s music has accumulated approximately 209 million streams across various platforms, according to data from Kworb. With an estimated per-stream pay rate of $0.003, her annual income from streaming alone is roughly $627,000.

Added to streaming, Ferreira’s cash-outs from live performances contribute to her income. Assuming she holds 15 shows per year, with an average ticket price of $100 and a typical audience of 1,000 attendees per show, her sum annual revenue from tours would be approximately $1.5 million. This could be more, most likely.

Combining these figures with other potential income sources provides a clearer, though still approximate, picture of Ferreira’s current financial profile.

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