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Sugar Land Space Cowboys

League: Pacific Coast League (AAA Minor League Baseball)

MLB Affiliate: Houston Astros

Stadium: Constellation Field (capacity 7,500)

Location: Sugar Land, Texas

Manager: Mickey Storey

2023 Regular Season: 61-89 (10th in PCL)

2023 Postseason: Did not qualify

Famous Former Players: Roger Clemens (P), Rafael Palmeiro, Willy Taveras

Sugar Land Space Cowboys

First, let’s answer the obvious question. Yes, despite sounding like the creation of a children’s animated film, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys are a real baseball team based in the also-fictional-sounding-but-actually-real-town of Sugar Land, Texas (located about 30 miles from downtown Houston). The team began life in 2012 as an unaffiliated minor league team known as the Sugar Land Skeeters (“skeeters” is a common nickname for mosquitoes in Texas, though why anyone would want to name their team after the world’s most annoying insect is still something of a mystery).

The Sugar Land Skeeters quickly gained headlines with several well-timed publicity stunts in their early days. For one, they brought MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Roger Clemens out of retirement at the age of 50 to play a single game for them. The game predictably sold out, and Clemens pitched several innings without giving up a run. The Skeeters also famously signed ex-NBA superstar Tracy McGrady as he tried to give baseball a go in 2014. The team’s big break, however, came in 2021 when they were taken on as a AAA minor-league affiliate by the Houston Astros and rebranded as the Sugar Land Space Cowboys.

Why are the Sugar Land Skeeters now called the Sugar Land Space Cowboys?

Aside from realizing that naming the team after nobody’s favorite insect was perhaps somewhat ill-advised, the team’s name was changed from the Sugar Land Skeeters to the Sugar Land Space Cowboys in 2021 for several reasons. For one, when the team’s new MLB affiliate became the Houston Astros (astro refers to stars, as in astronaut), having a name with some connection to their parent team made sense.

Sugar Land is also extremely close to NASA's Johnson Space Center (think “Houston–-we have a problem”). The Hollywood film Space Cowboys (starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland) seemed to inspire a logical link between the state of Texas (yeehaw!) and space. And let’s face it, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys is not a name that anyone will soon forget!

How can I find cheap Sugar Land Space Cowboys tickets?

Cleverly timed publicity stunts, an unusual name, and a family friendly atmosphere have all served to make the Sugar Land Space Cowboys into one of the most popular minor league baseball teams in America in recent years. With tickets priced much more affordably than MLB games, Sugar Land Space Cowboys games are a popular option for families and those on a tight budget who want to see great baseball without breaking the bank.

Now, you can try to buy tickets directly from the Space Cowboys ticket office; however, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys' popularity means that tickets often sell out in advance. Don’t worry, though-TicketX is here to help.

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How much are Sugar Land Space Cowboys tickets?

Self-reported average prices of Sugar Land Space Cowboys tickets:

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You can find the cheapest Sugar Land Space Cowboys tickets starting from on TicketX. Prices vary depending on dates and days of the week, so please search for tickets based on the dates of games that you might be interested in attending.

Sugar Land Space Cowboys 2024 Schedule

The Sugar Land Space Cowboys play in the Pacific Coast League (PCL), a 10-team AAA minor professional baseball league. The Sugar Land Space Cowboys 2024 Schedule (see official website for calendar) started this year on April 2 with a home game at Constellation Field (a 6-4 loss to the Las Vegas Aviators).

Throughout the season, the Space Cowboys generally play 4-6 games per week for a total of 150 regular season games (half at home, half on the road). The team’s final regular season game is scheduled for September 22 in Sacramento, with postseason games to follow (if the Space Cowboys qualify for the postseason).

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Sugar Land Space Cowboys Merch

Below is a selection of exciting Sugar Land Space Cowboys merchandise that you might find sold at kiosks and shops in and around Constellation Field. All prices are approximate, based on the team’s online store.



Official Replica Jersey






Card Set


Why should I consider buying tickets to Sugar Land Space Cowboys games?

If you have never been to a minor league baseball game, you might ask yourself why you would bother attending one. Isn’t it inferior lower-league baseball? Why not just go to an MLB game? One reason is definitely the price. Sugar Land Space Cowboys games are very affordable and offer cheap days upon occasion for children and seniors.

You should also consider the fact that baseball players at this level are still amazing athletes and are incredibly motivated to play their best (they all want a shot at the big leagues!). You might just see the next big MLB star before he hits it big!

Finally, Sugar Land Space Cowboys games are a lot of fun. They feature special events and a relaxed community atmosphere (you can even bring your dog to sit on the grassy area) that you just won’t find at regular MLB games.

Constellation Field

Constellation Field opened in 2012 as the purpose-built home for the Sugar Land Skeeters baseball team (now the Sugar Land Space Cowboys). It is known for its huge scoreboard (the biggest in the minor leagues), which is shaped like the state of Texas, and for its grassy hill in the outfield where spectators can sit on the grass to watch games.

In addition to Space Cowboys baseball games, Constellation Field has been known to host concerts, rugby, football, soccer, lacrosse games, and cheerleading competitions. Hungry visitors will find plenty of tempting snacks at the concessions, including Helmet Nachos, Specialty Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders, and Ice Cream. Ice-cold beer, wine, and cocktails are the perfect complement to toasty Texas summer nights.

How to get to Constellation Field

The only way to Constellation Field is by car. Visit the team’s official website for driving directions and parking instructions. Parking costs $5 if purchased in advance or $10 on the day. Tailgating in parking lots is not permitted.

Constellation Field Seating Chart

Constellation Field is a mid-size baseball outdoor park with several different seating options for visitors to choose from. Those looking to watch the game in style can opt for premium seating such as party suites, luxury suites, or the Regions Bank Club.

General seating fills the rest of the stadium, with cheaper seats located in the stands or on the grassy hill out past the outfield fence. Or, for something different, why not opt for the Picnic Plaza or the Bubbl’r Party Porch? TicketX is the best place to see which tickets are available to games and events at Constellation Field, and our handy seating chart is a great way to compare different seating options.

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