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The Wailers

A band of reggae pioneers, the Wailers were the launchpad for legendary musicians Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. The Wailers are the outcome of a vocal group that started in the early 1960s, coming out of infancy to create some of the most venerated tracks in reggae history.

After the production of their seminal albums—Catch a Fire and Burnin—in the wee 70s, Tosh and Bunny went after their solo careers, while Bob captained the group towards his socially conscious standalone work. This eventually led the Wailers to global recognition in the late 70s.

Bob’s leadership brought about international breakthroughs, particularly with albums such as Live!Rastaman Vibration and Kaya. Regardless of his passing in 1981, the band’s core members kept the legacy, touring and recording until the group officially became a tight knit.

Though the Wailers was founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 1963, the original lineup has now become a vocal group, having added instrumental dexterity and rhythm section. Signed to Chris Blackwell-founded Island Records, their subsequent albums gained critical acclaim before going successfully commercial.

Since inception, they have sold an excess of 250 million albums; in England alone, they have over twenty chart hits, including seven top 10 entries. Outside their work with Marley, they have played with international acts like Stevie WonderAlpha BlondyStingthe FugeesCarlos Santana and Burning Spear.

The Wailers’ discography and achievements

When Bob Marley started having kids, his musical journey started evolving even more. In 1970, he expanded The Wailers’ lineup with the inclusion of bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett and drummer Carlton “Carlie” Barrett. The band trajected globally in 1971 when he collaborated with Johnny Nash on a movie soundtrack in Sweden.

However, 1972 was the turning point. With the new contract with Island Records, their debut album under the label Catch a Fire was a good run. Subsequently, their tour in Britain and the United States saw the Wailers open for key acts such as Bruce Springsteen and Sly & the Family Stone.

The following year, they put out Burnin, featuring the iconic I Shot the Sheriff staple, which was famously covered by Eric Clapton in 1974 and soared to number on American charts.  These milestones put them in the spotlight as reggae pioneers. But it didn’t end there.

Before releasing Natty Dread in 1975, the original Wailers—Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer—went solo. As such, the album mirrored Jamaica’s political tensions, especially tracks like Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) and Revolution. Touring as Bob Marley & The Wailers, they have collaborated with I-Threes, including Marley’s wife, Rita.

By 1975, they had gotten their first UK Top 40 hit with No Woman No Cry. Meanwhile, Marley’s international ascent continued on the back of Rastaman Vibration, a 1976 album that featured War, an echo of his spiritual and political convictions drawn from Haile Selassies’s teaching.

The Wailers’ Upcoming Events in 2024

While the Wailers are not the typical frequent performers, they do not lack an exciting lineup of performances. On their tour across North America and beyond, they will be live at venues like the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis on April 18th and the Bijou Theater in Knoxville on April 24th.

From there, they take their Jamaican rhythm to District Live Savannah on April 25th, after which comes the Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola on April 27th. In California, their shows will be hosted at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach on May 18th, as well as The Canyon Agoura Hills on May 24th.

The Wailers move to the party at The Garden by Tannery Bend Beerworks in Napa, California, for none other than the BottleRock After Dark event on May 26th, in what has to be one of their tour’s highlights.

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