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USC Trojans Football Tickets

USC Trojans Football

College: University of Southern California (USC)

Conference: Big 10 Conference (Pac-12 until 2023)

Stadium: LA Memorial Coliseum (capacity 77,500)

Head Coach: Lincoln Riley (2022-present)

2023 Season Record: 7-5

Legendary Alumni: Ronnie Lott, Matt Leinart, O.J. Simpson, Anthony Munoz, Bruce Matthews Marcus Allen, 

Fight Song: “Fight On”

National Championships: 11 claimed (1928, 1931, 1932, 1939, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978, 2003, 2004), 6 unclaimed (1929, 1933, 1976, 1979, 2002, 2007)

USC Trojans Football

The USC Trojan Knights, often known simply as the Trojans, have long been one of the best college football teams in America, racking up not only 17 national titles (11 claimed, 6 unclaimed) but also an incredible 37 conference titles and 35 Bowl game wins (for a total record of 35-20 in Bowl games). The team began life in the 1880s under the markedly more sober name of the Methodists, but first shot to prominence in the 1920s, winning the first seven Rose Bowls that they appeared in (they have won 24 times in total!). Consistently one of the strongest teams on the West Coast, the Trojans’ recent best spell was in the early 2000s, when they won 8 straight conference titles along with 2 national titles (as well as 4 Rose Bowls and 2 Orange Bowls). Recent years have seen the team battle considerably stronger opposition but continue to be competitive. 

How can I get cheap tickets to USC Trojans football games?

With so many professional sports teams resident in Los Angeles, one might think it might be easy to score a ticket to a USC Trojans home game at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, but one would definitely be wrong. The success and popularity of the Trojans, along with the central location of their home stadium (and its iconic status as an L.A. landmark), makes them a big draw indeed. Scoring tickets to see the Trojans play at home can be a challenge, with many games sold out well in advance, particularly decisive conference games, rivalry matchups (see above), and Bowl games. The solution? TicketX! Our TicketX listings have all the cheapest tickets to USC Trojans football games. You can buy the cheapest USC Trojans tickets with the lowest commission fees from TicketX with just one click! Use our handy stadium seating chart to compare different seating options in terms of price and location. 

USC Trojans football rivalries

The USC Trojans have a huge local rivalry with the UCLA Bruins, who shared the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with them for nearly sixty years. In 1939, after the Bruins were gifted the bell from a Southern Pacific rail locomotive as a Victory Bell, Trojans fans enacted a memorable heist in which they pretended to help move the bell but actually drove away with the prize, hiding it under a haystack amongst other clandestine locations. This led to all kinds of retaliatory pranks back and forth between the schools until a truce was called and the Victory Bell was established as the prize for the winner of each rivalry match between the schools two football teams (with its carriage painted red or blue depending on who holds the Bell that year). The Trojans also have a massive tete-a-tete with cross-country rivals the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, with the winner taking home the Jeweled Shillelagh (a ceremonial Irish club) each year. So heated are these two rivalries that USC fans call any day when USC wins, and both UCLA and Notre Dame lose, “a Perfect Day.” The USC Trojans’ oldest rival, however, is Stanford Cardinal, a rivalry which has picked up again in recent years (after dying down for a while) following a heavy USC defeat in 2009. 

Are USC Trojans football games exciting?

Trojans fans are a boisterous, fun-loving lot, packing the stands of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in their cardinal red and gold to bellow out the school’s fight song (“Fight On”) along to the notes of the Spirit of Troy marching band. Fans enact various coordinated “card stunts” with large colored cards held up in tandem to spell out a word or create an image that will spur on their Trojans (or mock the opposition). The team’s mascot, Traveler, is a Trojan Knight atop a white horse. Tailgating parties are immensely popular, with fans gathering long before kickoff to eat, drink, and swap football stories. Don’t miss out on the fun–get your USC Trojans football tickets on TicketX today!

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