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American Family Field Events

1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI 53214 US

American Family Field

Capacity: 41,900

Home Teams: Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

American Family Field Events

American Family Field opened in 2001 as the new home of the Milwaukee Brewers. The stadium is something of a technological marvel, with a fan-shaped retractable roof that can open and close in just ten minutes. Even when the roof is closed, large glass panels allow plenty of natural light into the ballpark. Unfortunately, the Brewers themselves have not always lived up to their surroundings, being tied with the San Diego Padres for being the oldest active team never to have won a World Series (the Brewers‘ once appearance was in 1982, when they lost a heartbreaking seven-game series to the St. Louis Cardinals. Nonetheless, attendances are high considering that Milwaukee is one of the smaller markets in MLB and with the team appearing in the playoffs in five of the past six seasons, there is an air of optimism at American Family Field these days. Team mascot Bernie Brewer emerges from his clubhouse out past left field when the Brewers win to race down a platform to slide into home base (he used to slide into an oversized mug of beer, but sadly no longer). Young fans (and older fans who are young at heart) will delight in many other mascots of the Brewers as well, along with the sixth inning Sausage Race where four sausages square off in the infield for a shot at eternal glory. Along with all regular season and playoff Brewers home games, American Family Field occasionally hosts concerts, international soccer matches, and college basketball. Bizarrely, the stadium once hosted a bowling championship, which is kind of hard to imagine! The Brewers also hold an annual event known as the Arctic Tailgate in February where fans camp out to get discount Brewers tickets before the season begins, with food and hot drinks available. Showing up hungry to American Family Field is not a problem, with delicious ballpark treats like huge bratwursts, Bavarian pretzels, and loaded fries on the menu. This being the home stadium of a team named for men who brew beer for a living, you will never be far from a frosty cold one. Team and event merchandise, particularly featuring the team’s many mascots, can be found at the many shops and kiosks around the venue.

American Family Field Seating Chart

American Family Field provides a wide selection of different seating options to its visitors. Those who would like to experience a game in style can opt for one of the Brewers’ all-inclusive packages in VIP areas such as the Brew Room (above the bullpen) or Northwestern Mutual Legends Club (along the third base line). More affordable options can be found all around American Family Field with its extensive range of general seating beginning with the more expensive seats near the infield and extending up into the cheaper seats of the upper decks and the outfield. TicketX is the place to go to find out which tickets are available to events and games at American Family Field. Our useful seating chart can help you evaluate different seating options and find the cheapest tickets

Getting to American Family Field (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access American Family Field via public transportation or driving their own vehicle

Getting to American Family Field via public transportation

Your only real option to get to a Brewers game at American Family Field using public transportation is the local city bus, which runs two routes that stop a short walk away from the stadium. However, unless you are located close to one of these routes, bus travel could be quite inconvenient (and uncomfortable in hotter or colder months if you need to change buses). A taxi or ride-share to the stadium might be an easier option worth considering. There are also local shuttles available from many different locations around the city (especially bars…). 

Getting to American Family Field by car

By far the most common way that visitors arrive at American Family Field is in their own vehicles, which is a fairly straightforward process. Milwaukee, as a relatively small city, does not pose quite the same level of traffic issues faced around many of the MLB stadiums located in larger urban areas. That said, the roads around American Family Field still do get busy before big games and events, so be sure to budget plenty of time to get parked before heading inside. Visit MLB’s official Brewers website has maps and clear driving directions. 

Does American Family Field have on-site parking?

Extensive parking options are available on site at American Family Field in the many large lots that surround the stadium. While paying on the day is technically possible (credit card only), your spot is not guaranteed, so it is highly recommended that you purchase a parking pass in advance. Be sure to download your parking pass using the MLB Ballpark app before you arrive to avoid delays in entering the parking lot. MLB’s official Brewers website has full parking details and maps, along with links to pages where you can make prepaid parking reservations. 

How much does American Family Field parking cost?

Weekday games at American Family Field are cheaper, from $13 and up. Weekend games or games featuring the Chicago Cubs as visitors can cost up to $40. Go to MLB’s official Brewers website for more information on how to locate the cheapest parking rates at American Family Field.