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CACTI Park of the Palm Beaches Events

5398 N Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 US

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

Capacity: 7,700

Opened: 28 February 2017

Home teams: Houston Astro, Washington Nationals (major league), Florida Complex League Astros, Florida Complex League Nationals of the Rookie-level Florida Complex League.

The ballpark of the Palm Beaches was once a debris dump plagued by hurricanes. It was a tax incentive that reclaimed the area for public use. The baseball stadium’s location makes it easily accessible through the city’s major thoroughfares, and its design mirrors those of many stadia in Florida: elevated because digging into the ground would only mean striking the unusually high water table obtainable in the metropolis.

While the entry is set on steps westward of the stadium, the exteriors are partially concealed due to the site's greenery. Once visitors reach the top of the stairs, they reach a concourse level that travels 360 degrees around the main pitch. Its seating bowls come below the concourse level, with only press boxes and suites on the second level.

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches events

The venue is not only a huge one for major league baseball teams’ pre-season training but also hosts some of Florida's most sought-after events. One such is the Best Buddies Friendship Walk, held once yearly as the number one American walk occasion for the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

Besides that, Ballpark is the playing ground for exciting games all year round. One of the stadium’s upcoming events is the Spring Training: St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros (Split Squad), which will be held on February 25th, 2024. The next day comes Spring Training: New York Mets at Washington Nationals.

Another upcoming event here is Faith and Family Day, a Christian initiative designed to strengthen family bonds.

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches seating chart

Capable of seating 7,700 people, the Ballpark offers an unparalleled fan experience, thanks to how it has been designed. Before getting to the entrance, visitors walk through its training facilities, creating a unique spring view.

The dugout of the Houston Astros is located on the third base side in front of sections 103-105, while that of the Washington Nationals is on the first base side in front of sections 113-115. Check the detailed seating chart of the park on TicketX for a clearer view.

Upon entry, there are a series of steps to navigate leading to the concourse level. Visitors typically access the stadium via the West Gate. During security checks, the area can become tight and rowdy. Inside, however, it is well laid out and has spacious concourses and great signages that make it easy to locate seats.

Meanwhile, the seats themselves are 20 inches wide, generous enough to make it quite comfortable for spectators as they immerse in the game.

Getting to Ballpark  (transportation and parking)

There are a pair of grass lots northwest and south of the stadium. The lot of the Astros is situated in the northwest area, while the Nationals is based southwards.

Admission parking costs $10 and is off Haverhill Road and Military Trail. Bus, RV, and handicap parking are also available. With a personal vehicle, it is more time-saving to head across the causeway from West Palm Beach to the main center.

RV and bus parking, located in the General Parking area, is available for $25 per game and is located in the General Parking area. The entrance to the area is at the main entrance off Haverhill Road.