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Beaver Stadium Events

1 Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA 16802 US

Beaver Stadium

Capacity: 106,572

Home Teams: Penn State Nittany Lions Football (NCAA College Football)

Beaver Stadium Events

Beaver Stadium* is one of the great old colossuses of American college football, housing the Penn State Nittany Lions Football since 1960, though the building incorporates elements from an earlier stadium that hail from way back in 1909. With a seating capacity of 106,572 (once stretched to over 110,000 for a 2018 game against the Ohio State Buckeyes), Beaver Stadium is currently the second largest sports ground in the Americas and fourth largest in the world. Attending a Nittany Lions home game along with thousands of students and alumni chanting “We Are Penn State” back and forth across the grandstand while the Penn State Blue Band pumps out tunes is an experience closer in some ways to a European soccer match than an American football game. Tailgating is permitted and popular, and some fans even camp out near the stadium in tents (known as Nittanyville) to get the best seats for home games. Certain games are designated “White House” events, where the entire crowd is encouraged to dress in white; quite the sight to behold! Along with all Nittany Lions home games, Beaver Stadium is also known for hosting large concerts as well as movie nights, outdoor hockey games, and even on-field yoga! Hungry fans will find typical stadium favorites such as chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, and ice cream, as well as local Pennsylvania flavors at New Holland Farm to Stadium. Team and event merchandise can be found at kiosks and shops around Beaver Stadium.

*Wondering why it is called Beaver Stadium when the team isn’t called the Beavers? The ground is actually named after James A. Beaver, a former state governor and Civil War hero. Incidentally, Nittany refers to a local mountain, and Lions to North American mountain lions (not the African variety).

Beaver Stadium Seating Chart

Visitors to Beaver Stadium have several choices in terms of seating options. Limited premium seating is available in the form of club seats and luxury boxes. The vast majority of the stadium is devoted to general seating in packed bleachers, so be prepared to squish in and get to know your neighbors. The most sought-after seats are generally behind the two players’ benches, though some fans prefer to sit in the end zones. For events or Nittany Lions home games at Beaver Stadium, search TicketX for tickets that suit your budget and preferences, using our handy seating chart to compare different seating options

Getting to Beaver Stadium (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access the Beaver Stadium via public transportation or driving their own vehicle

Getting to Beaver Stadium via public transportation

Football shuttles (buses) run to Beaver Stadium on game days and are a fun way to hang out with fellow fans en route to the stadium. Visit Penn State’s official website for detailed public transportation instructions. Catching a taxi or ride-share is another decent option.

Getting to Beaver Stadium by car

Driving your own vehicle to Beaver Stadium is perfectly doable, but do be conscious that any event involving around 100,000 people can lead to some serious traffic jams (and once you are in, you are in for the day). Plan to arrive early. This PSU supporters’ website has driving directions from various locations, including New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Does Beaver Stadium have on-site parking?

There is on-site parking at Beaver Stadium for both cars and RVs. For popular games and events, it is recommended that you purchase prepaid parking at least 15 days prior to your game or event (call 1-800-NITTANY between 8 am. and 5 pm, Monday to Friday). For detailed parking information visit PSU stadium’s official website.

How much does Beaver Stadium parking cost?

Parking at Beaver Stadium costs $15 in advance and $40 on the day (if available) for car drivers and $60/$120 for RVs. Call 1-800-NITTANY between 8 am. and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, to receive your parking pass and follow the directions on the back of the pass when parking. Please visit PSU stadium’s official website for more information.