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Bridgestone Arena Events

501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 US

Bridgestone Arena

Capacity: 17,159-19,395

Home Teams: Nashville Predators (NHL)

Bridgestone Arena Events

Affectionately dubbed the “Tire Barn” by the locals, Bridgestone Arena has been the home of the Nashville Predators ever since the team joined the NHL in 1998 as part of the league’s efforts to expand into the southern United States. Located in the center of Nashville, the design of the stadium pays homage to the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly showcase of country music hosted and broadcast from the city for close to a hundred years. The Preds struggled to make much of an impact initially, but have since become regular playoff contenders, even making it all the way to their first Stanley Cup Finals in 2017, which they lost in six games to Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins. Along with all regular season and playoffs Predators games, Bridgestone Arena also hosts concerts (especially but not exclusively country music), comedy shows, religious events, and NCAA basketball. National figure skating and gymnastics championships have also been held at the venue. Hungry fans will find plenty of tasty snacks on offer at Bridgestone Arena, with local specialties like hot chicken mac & cheese and footlong hot dogs and even seasonal treats like the turkey meatloaf burger on the menu. Fans can also find team and event merchandise on sale at the venue’s numerous shops and kiosks.

Bridgestone Arena Seating Chart

Visitors to Bridgestone Arena can choose from the many different seating options that the venue has to offer. Premium areas such as the Lexus Lounge and EuroStone Club provide the ultimate in food and beverage service in luxurious surroundings, while suites, boxes, and table top seating allow patrons to enjoy games or events in style. Corner Pub bench seats are a unique premium option that puts you right alongside the Predators bench during the game! The majority of the venue is devoted to general seating, which ranges from mid-range prices to cheaper tickets. There is a seat at Bridgestone Arena to suit every preference and budget. Check TicketX to find tickets to your Bridgestone Arena game or event and use our handy seating chart to compare different seating options.

Getting to Bridgestone Arena (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access Bridgestone Arena via public transportation or driving their own vehicle. Bridgestone Arena is located in central Nashville, meaning that those staying downtown can easily walk to the venue. 

Getting to Bridgestone Arena via public transportation

Your only real option for getting to Bridgestone Arena using public transportation is the local city bus, which can be inconvenient unless you are staying in certain areas. It might be easier to take a taxi or rideshare to the venue instead. 

Getting to Bridgestone Arena by car

The most popular way to get to Bridgestone Arena is driving your own vehicle, though this means that traffic tends to build up on the roads around the venue before and after games and events. Nashville is also a growing city with quite a bit of periodic construction, so be sure to budget plenty of time to ensure that you arrive early. You can visit Bridgestone Arena's official website to find useful maps and driving directions. 

Does Bridgestone Arena have on-site parking?

There is plenty of parking available all around Bridgestone Arena within a short walk of the venue. Most parking lots accept payment on the day, but purchasing prepaid parking in advance is recommended to make the whole experience smoother. Bridgestone Arena's official website has parking maps and directions. You can also use the Metropolis parking app to book a prepaid parking spot. 

How much does Bridgestone Arena parking cost?

Parking at and around Bridgestone Arena willgenerally cost you between $20-25, but this can be higher for especially popular games and events. Bridgestone Arena's official website has general parking information as well as links that can help you find the cheapest parking rates. You can book a sport using the Metropolis parking app.