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Cafe Du Nord Events

2174 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 US

Cafe Du Nord

Capacity: 320

Opened: 1907 (opened 2017 by current ownership)

Events: concerts, live music, rock shows, stand-up comedy

Cafe Du Nord

Housed within the historic Swedish American Hall in the Upper Market neighborhood of San Francisco, Cafe Du Nord is a bar and live music venue that combines the earthy feel of a speakeasy with state of the art audio, lighting, and acoustics.  Cafe Du Nord has been frequently praised as one of the best live music venues in the Bay Area, providing local music lovers with up close and personal concerts from bands and solo artists playing all different kinds of music. The venue also frequently hosts stand-up comedy sets.

Cafe Du Nord - Upcoming Concerts, Tours, and Events

Because Cafe Du Nord gives music lovers in San Francisco the chance to experience great performances within a close intimate space, talented musicians and top bands from across the country, as well as local artists, are very keen to perform at the venue. Just a few of the notable performers scheduled to perform in 2024 are: 

  • ・Mar 9 - 60 Juno with Closed Tear, and DustBowlChampion

  • ・Mar 13 - Darren Kiely with Nathaniel Riley

  • ・Mar 17 - Fire EX.

  • ・Mar 18 - Matt Hansen with zachy

  • ・Mar 25 - The Bosstanical Garden Tour: Flyana Boss with Josh Lev

  • ・Apr 5 - Lola Young

  • ・Apr 13 - Madds Buckley and Addison Grace with Isabel Pless

  • ・May 20 - Michael Marcagi with Lily Fitts

  • ・May 31 - Mon Rovia

  • ・Jun 9 - Alexander Stewart – the bleeding hearts tour

Cafe Du Nord - Past Concerts, Tours, and Events

With so many decades as one of the top live music venues in San Francisco, Cafe Du Nord has hosted many famous artists over the years from across the musical spectrum, including the likes of Neil Young, The Zombies, The Kinks, John Cale, Blink 182, The Decemberists, Spoon, Iron and Wine, Vincent Gallo, Mumford and Sons, Train, and Cake, among many others. When it comes to great music, Cafe Du Nord has something for everyone!

Cafe Du Nord - Seating Chart

For most events and performances, Cafe Du Nord simply charges a general admission charge, with all tickets standing room only. Popular shows sell out quickly! To find tickets to all the most exciting events at Cafe Du Nord, get yourself onto TicketX right away. Our handy seating chart can help you compare different seating options and find tickets that match your price range and preferences.

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