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Chicago Theatre Events

175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601 US

Chicago Theatre

Capacity: 3,600

Opened: 1921

Events: concerts, theatrical productions (plays/musicals), speeches, comedy shows, magic/variety shows

Chicago Theatre

Opened over a century ago in 1921, the Chicago Theatre is a historic city landmark that features prominently in films, artwork, tourist literature, and television shows about Chicago. And yet this grand old building is far from a mere item on a sightseeing map; it is an active working theater that provides its storied stage to countless performers ranging from musicians and comedians to political speakers and educators. Major theatrical productions such as plays and musicals are also commonly held at the Chicago Theatre.

Chicago Theatre - Upcoming Concerts, Tours, and Events

For well over a hundred years, the Chicago Theatre has housed a broad range of live events, including concerts by internationally acclaimed artists and bands on tour. Comedy shows and education lectures also feature from time to time. The venue’s reputation and tradition of excellence continues to attract top talent, with several renowned performers already confirmed to be performing at the Chicago Theatre this year:

  • Mar 13 - Ilana Glazer 

  • Mar 22 - Kountry Wayne (King of Hearts Tour 2024)

  • Mar 25 - Ali Wong

  • Nov 17 - Joe Satriani & Steve Vai (Satch Vai US Tour)

Chicago Theatre - Past Concerts, Tours, and Events

Over the course of its long history, the Chicago Theatre has hosted a diverse range of events, ranging from comedy shows and music concerts to plays, musicals, and guest lectures. Everyone who’s anyone seems to have given a live concert at the venue, from Duke Ellington and Diana Ross to Kelly Clarkson and Liza Minnelli, and many more. When it comes to music and performance, Chicago Theatre has something for everyone!

Chicago Theatre - Seating Chart

Chicago Theatre features 5 main levels of seating, from Pit Seating at the foot of the stage up to the upper balcony. Luxurious loge boxes and comfortable mezzanine booths are also available To find the seats that you’re really after, head to TicketX. Our trusty seating chart can help you compare different seating options and find tickets that match your price range and location preferences.

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