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Coopers Stadium Events

Holden St, Adelaide, 5007 Australia

Coopers Stadium

Capacity: 26,000

Opened: June 3, 1932

Home Team: Adelaide United Football Club (Football, A-League)

Home to Australia’s most successful football team, the Coopers stadium has hosted Adelaide United for all the three Australian Cup finals the club has won. But hosting the Australian football team through three finals is just one of the stadium’s pinnacle moments.

In the early 2000s, the stadium hosted preliminary matches for the Olympic football games. The stadium also hosted five games in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. In addition, games from the Rugby League, Rugby Union, and A-League are played here regularly.

Even though Coopers Stadium is mostly known for hosting sports games, it is also designed to host large concerts. This is why when the multipurpose arena is converted into concert mode, its capacity jumps to 26,000.

Coopers Stadium Events

In December 2023, the Foo Fighters performed with The Chats and Body Type for their Everything or Nothing At All Tour in the Coopers Stadium. The Foo Fighters are regulars in the arena, and other musicians like Ash Grunwald and Fleetwood Mac have also performed on stage in this arena before.

You can always catch an Adelaide United football match in the stadium almost every week. If you are a concert person, you should stay close to TicketX to get updates on concerts in the stadium.

Coopers Stadium Seating Chart

For most events in this stadium, the amount you pay determines where you will sit. If you want to see where your seat number is placed in the stadium, check out the seating chart on TicketX.

Getting to Coopers Stadium (Transportation and Parking)

The Coopers Stadium is at the edge of the Adelaide Central Business District, and visitors can access it via public transportation or with their vehicles.

Getting to Coopers Stadium via Public Transportation

Visitors frequently use the Tram because moving from the city to the stadium is free, and there is a station close to the station. For trains, the Bowden Train Station is also fairly close to the stadium, making it easy to come in from the city and alight there.

Different bus routes also cross the stadium, so the bus is another good option.

Getting to Coopers Stadium by Car

New visitors use navigation guides to direct them from their location to the stadium.

Does Coopers Stadium Have On-Site Parking?

No, the Coopers Stadium does not have on-site parking for public use. However, since the Adelaide Entertainment Centre is close to the stadium, visitors can park there when there is no major event going on there.

How Much Does Coopers Stadium Parking Cost?

There is no parking at the stadium itself, but if you park at the nearest alternative, the Adelaide Entertainment Center, you must pay to park. Parking at the center on AUFC game days costs $8 per vehicle, but it costs $18 on other days.