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ExtraMile Arena Events

ExtraMile Arena, Boise, ID 83706 US

ExtraMile Arena

Capacity: 12,644

Opened: May 16, 1982

About ExtraMile Arena

ExtraMile Arena, located in the heart of Boise, Idaho, is a premier multi-purpose venue in the Western United States, known for hosting a wide array of events ranging from concerts and sports to graduations and conferences. The arena's role in hosting state basketball tournaments underscores its importance to the local and state sports communities, providing a platform for showcasing young athletic talent.

ExtraMile Arena Events

Over the years, the ExtraMile Arena has been hosted the local and state-level competitions of basketball. Therefore the arena has become a focal point for major sports events in the Western United States. It showcases the versatility and popularity of the arena.

ExtraMile Arena Seating Chart

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