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FedExForum Events

191 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103 US


Capacity: 17,794

Home Teams: Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)

FedExForum Events

The FedExForum has been home to the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies since 2004, where fans have witnessed the evolution of the Grizz from one of the league’s worst-ever teams during their ill-fated time in Vancouver into an exciting and competitive contender. The venue is also capable of hosting hockey, but the only professional game at FedExForum thus far happened way back in 2006 when fellow Tennesseeans, the Nashville Predators, won a preseason game over the Columbus Blue Jackets 8-1. Every single regular season and playoff Grizzlies game takes place at the FedExForum alongside a full slate of concerts, performances, cultural events, and other sporting competitions. Showing up with an empty stomach is a good plan, as the venue’s Grind & Dine food lineup includes everything from juicy burgers to burritos to enticing gelato (and lots of craft beer). Team and event merchandise can also be found at kiosks and shops throughout FedExForum.

FedExForum Seating Chart

Visitors to FedExForum will find a wide range of seating options to suit every budget and preference. The arena has extensive premium seating in the form of luxury and executive boxes, along with over 1000 floor seats for basketball games and some other events. Mid-range and cheaper seats in the rest of the FedExForum all provide excellent views and the chance to get swept up in the atmosphere of a big crowd. Check TicketX for a list of all available tickets to your game or event at FedExForum and a seating chart for comparing different seating options.

Getting to FedExForum (Transportation and Parking)

Visitors can access FedExForum via public transportation or driving their own vehicle.

Getting to FedExForum via public transportation

Public transportation to FedExForum exists in the form of roundtrip shuttle buses as well as the city’s trolley lines. Visit FedExForum’s official website for more details. You can also take a taxi to FedExForum.

Getting to FedExForum by car

You can drive your own vehicle to FedExForum but be sure to budget plenty of time, as traffic in central Memphis tends to stack up during games and big events. Go to FedExForum’s official website to access helpful maps and driving directions.

Does FedExForum have on-site parking?

Yes, the Gossett Motors Parking Garage offers underground parking on site, though spaces tend to fill up fast. Be sure to book in advance. Plenty of parking is also available within a short walk of the FedExForum. Detailed parking information can be found on FedExForum’s official website, as well as directions on dedicated pick-up and drop-off locations.

How much does FedExForum parking cost?

Rates vary at the Gossett Motors Parking Garage but typically fall between $25-35 during games and events. Parking lots in the neighborhoods around FedExForum can cost as little as $5 (if you shop around a bit). Visit FedExForum’s official website to learn about cheaper parking rates and to book your prepaid parking spot.