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Gershwin Theatre Events

222 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019 US

Gershwin Theatre

Capacity: 1,900

Opened: 1972

From New York to London to Manhattan, there are 41 professional theaters certified and credited with hosting timeless Broadway shows and musicals. Each of these theaters is owned by member corporations of the Broadway League. Of the 41 theaters, a considerable number, 31 are managed by three major corporations of the League: the Shubert Organization, the Nederlander Organization, and Jujamcyn.

For more than a century, the Nederlander Organization has been one of the largest custodians of musical theaters and live show venues. It owns nine Broadway theaters scattered across different regions in the central business district, Midtown Manhattan, New York. The Gershwin Theater is located on the second floor of Paramount Place at 51st Street in this district.

The Gershwin Theater was initially named the Uris Theater after the Uris Building Corporation was responsible for its construction. It was not until the theater hosted the 37th Tony Awards that the name change would be announced to honor the music composing duo, the Gerswhin brothers. Ever since then, the theater has been open to people of all ages worldwide to enjoy live entertainment shows.

Today, the Gershwin Theater is the largest Broadway theater, hosting iconic live shows and musicals. In the past two decades, the theater has been home to Wicked the Musical, a story based on an adaptation of the iconic Wicked of Oz.

Upcoming Events at the Gershwin Theater

These are the next dates for the theater’s current production of Wicked;

  • March 6-10, 2024

  • March 12-17, 2024

  • March 19-24, 2024

  • March 26-31, 2024

  • April 2-7, 2024

  • April 9-14, 2024

  • April 16-20, 2024

Past Shows and Musicals

The stage at the Gershwin Theater has seen and hosted several iconic shows, events, and musicals. On the 28th of November, 1972, the theater opened with its very first showing of the rock musical Via Galactica. The musical featured Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia performing the lead role of Gabriel Finn. Although short-lived due to its poor commercial performance with only seven shows at the theater, Via Galactica set a precedent for what’s to come from the theater in the 70s. The theater hosted several other musicals, including Seesaw the Musical, which held a total of 295 shows.

Throughout the years, the Gershwin Theater has switched from hosting musicals to music concerts or live music events and even sometimes ballet performances. Notably, in 1975, the 17th Grammy Award Show, organized by the Recording Academy, took place in the theater. Popular music legends have also visited the theater to headline concerts. Some of these artists include Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti La Belle, Al Green, and Bing Crosby.

Later in the 90s, the theater switched back to its roots, with musicals booking the theater for productions. The theater has seen performances of musicals like Peter Pan, Singin’ in The Rain, Camelot, Tango Argentina, and Oklahoma. The latter is the theater’s immediate past production.

In 2003, the theater debuted the very first production of Wicked The Musical. The show introduced a star-studded cast, with Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Joel Grey. Idina Menzel would go on to win Best Actress at the 2004 Tony Awards. Wicked The Musical still runs regularly at the Gershwin Theater, albeit with a new cast. Still, it remains one of the most commercially successful Broadway shows ever, grossing over a million dollars weekly.

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Gershwin Theater Seating Chart

Gershwin Theater Seating Chart offers a variety of seating options, but it can vary depending on the events. TicketX can offer you the suitable seats along with your preference. With our handy seating chart, you can compare different seating options to find tickets that match your price range and location preferences. This venue consists of two tiers: the Orchestra and the Mezzanine. Each section (Mid & Rear Mezzanine, Loge & Front Mezzanine, and Orchestra) is divided into three sections (left, right, and center), with the center section having the better seats. The middle of Center Orchestra and the front rows of Center Mezzanine are the most comfortable seats in the Theater. However, the prices are considerably higher, so please choose your seats based on your own preferences and financial capacity. Below are the details of each seating area.

Mid & Rear Mezzanine

Since these seats are located at the rear of the Theater, the audience cannot see the facial expressions of the performers. However, they do provide a view of the entire venue, allowing the audience to see the decorations of the Theater and the movements of the performers spread across the entire stage at the same time. This seat is especially recommended if you want to see Wicked's ensemble dance numbers from perfect position during the performance. They are also the most reasonably priced.

Loge & Front Mezzanine

These seats are located in the front part of the Mezzanine, so the audience can barely see the performers' facial expressions. They also overlook the entire venue, allowing the audience to see the Theater's décor and the performers' movements spread across the stage at the same time. If you want to see Wicked's ensemble dance numbers during the performance, this is the seat for you, especially if you want to see them from a perfect position and at a reasonable price.


Since these seats are close to the stage, you can see the facial expressions of the performers, and their emotional expressions can be clearly seen and felt. This is sure to make the show more intoxicating. However, if you are seated in the front, you will have to look up a little to see what is happening on stage, which may cause neck fatigue. Price-wise, it is also a bit more expensive.

Facilities Near the Theater

The city of New York is the place to visit. For one, it hosts a massive entertainment hub, and second, there are several iconic tourist stops scattered around the city. Broadway fans can take a trip around the city, visiting notable attractions like the Museum of Modern Art, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Rockefeller Center.