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Mississippi Coast Coliseum Arena Events

2350 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531 US

Mississippi Coast Coliseum Arena

Capacity: 15,000

Opened: 1977

For many decades, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Arena has held its position as the largest beachfront event facility in the American South. The center has a lot of history because it has hosted many of Mississippi's biggest events in the decades it has been around.

The Coliseum Arena is located in the heart of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Its excellent positioning and beautiful structure attract visitors to the center in thousands every year. Ordinarily, it has a steady, reserved seating capacity for 11,500 people, but when it is used for festivals, it can accommodate up to 15,000 fans.

Many bands have thrilled the crowd in the Mississippi Coast Coliseum with beautiful music, but the first band to do it was the Blue Oyster Cult in 1978. Before the Blue Oysters, Charley Pride was the first musician to perform in the Arena.

Even though there have been many amazing concerts in the arena, music is not the only form of entertainment available here. Ice Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and even WWE wrestling shows have been hosted in the coliseum for many years.

Mississippi Coast Coliseum Events

Since 1977, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum has hosted exciting events, including music concerts and games for important sports competitions. The Arena hosts annual music festivals like CPR Fest, where popular artists and bands perform exciting shows annually for the audience.

If the CPR Fest doesn’t do it for you, you can check out the Crawfish Music Festival to enjoy premium music and spicy Crawfish at the Mississippi Coliseum. Aside from these events, interesting hockey games, volleyball, and other sports competitions are always scheduled for this venue.

In 2024, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will host more of these exciting shows.

Mar 8- Biloxi Boat Show

Mar 8- CYO Convention

Mar 8- MS Seawolves Hockey Game

Mar 9- Dance Mania International

Mar 9- Whiskey Myers

Mar 16- Celebration Talent Competition

Mar 16- MS Gulf Coast Open Volleyball

Mar 16- Monster Jam

Mar 17- Monster Jam

Mar 20- Fusion Turf

Mar 21- Riley Green

Mar 22- Starpower National Talent Competition

Mar 23- Starpower National Talent Competition

Mar 28- MS Seawolves Hockey Game

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Mississippi Coast Coliseum Seating Chart

The seating arrangement for each event depends on the event type. However, whichever way it is arranged, all the seats are well placed to let every audience member enjoy the performance. Seats in the arena cost different prices, and you can get a basic or premium seat ticket on TicketX.

Getting to Mississippi Coast Coliseum (Transportation and Parking)

Finding your way to the Coliseum should be easy because it is a popular landmark, and the Mississippi Coast Convention Center is right in front of it. Coming in from Downtown Biloxi or Gulfport will only take a few minutes.

Getting to Mississippi Coast Coliseum via Public Transportation

You can easily access the Coliseum by bus or train even if you haven’t been there before. Drop at the closest station and find your way to the arena with a cab, or make the short walk.

Getting to Mississippi Coast Coliseum by car

Many visitors at the Coast Coliseum come in with cars because of the extra comfort they get. If you are driving in for a big event, try to sort basic things like parking before you start coming and arrive early so nothing delays you when the show kicks off.

Does the Mississippi Coast Coliseum have on-site parking?

Yes, the Arena has on-site parking. There are three gates to access the arena, so if anyone is congested, you can try out another so you can park and get to the show as fast as possible.

How much does Mississippi Coast Coliseum parking cost?

Parking in the Mississippi Coliseum Arena costs $10.