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Moody Center ATX Events

2001 Robert Dedman Dr, Austin, TX 78712 US

Moody Center

Capacity: 15,000+

Events: Concerts, College Basketball

Home Teams: University of Texas Longhorns Basketball Team

About Moody Center

The Moody Center is a multi-purpose arena in Austin, Texas. This arena, on the campus of the University of Texas (UT) replaced the Frank Erwin Center. The venue opened in 2022 and cost $375 million and is the home of the Texas Longhorns basketball team. It also hosts other world-class events for the city. It is even home to the Professional Bull Riders, the Austin Gamblers.

Moody Center Rules

Here are some important rules to note before you come to the Moody Center:

  • Children under the age of 2 do not need tickets, but must sit in a lap and not a ticketed seat

  • Each person may only buy 2 alcoholic beverages

  • No animals other than service dogs are allowed

  • Binoculars are permitted but are subject to inspection

  • Camping anywhere on the property is not allowed

  • The venue is cashless and accepts only credits and mobile pay

  • Costumes, masks, and face paint are allowed, but none can be offensive

  • Cellphones are allowed, but laptops are prohibited

  • Mobile ticketing allows for contactless entry to the venue

  • Guests who leave the building during an event may not enter again

  • The venue has public WiFi for guests to enjoy during the event

Moody Center Bag Policy

To expedite the entry process and for health and safety reasons, the Moody Center prefers that guests don’t bring bags. If you do need to bring a bag, it should be clear and smaller than 14x14x6. You can also bring a clear plastic storage bag, one gallon in size or less. The only non-clear bags that are allowed or wallets or clutches and they have to be 5x9x1.5” or less. Any other bags will be turned away.

Moody Center Seating

Configuration of the Moody Center can change, depending on the event, but it is a good idea to check the Moody Center Seating Chart right here before you attend. Concerts have floor seating while basketball games do not.

Moody Center Review

Rate Your Seats has a full list of seating options, including premium areas. Here’s what fans and guests have to say about some of those sections.

  • Floor 3, Concerts

    • If you want to get up close and personal to your musical favorites, the Floor 3 section is in the center of the stage and gets you as close to the stage of the venue’s best entertainment. Guests enjoy the straight-on view of the action on stage.

    • If you aren’t in the first few rows of this section, guests complain that sometimes their view is obstructed by other taller people in front of them. It is also a loud, rowdy place to sit, depending on the musician playing.

  • Section 112, Concerts

    • Those who don’t like being on the floor and taking the chance of having people in front of them can get seats in side section 106. Many fans state they feel they are closer to the stage and they still have the elevation of stadium seating to help improve the view. This provides some of the most comfortable concert viewing.

    • There’s something about not being on the floor that makes some fans feel let down. They feel they can’t see the details as closely when they’re up a bit and looking to the side.

  • Loge Boxes Seating, Games

    • These seats are one of the most comfortable ways to watch a game. Guests rave about the upscale, exclusive amenities that come with these Suite Level seats. They have a view from the corner or right behind the basket.

    • Though amenities are great, fans who like to see all of the action prefer to be center court and complain these seats aren’t giving them the view they desire.

  • Section 218, Games

    • This upper-level deck allows you to see games on a budget with a great view. You’re a bit farther away, but fans appreciate that they can afford the tickets with ease. Plus, this mid-court vantage point allows them to see both ends of the court without any issues.

    • Being a bit farther away, some fans feel they miss the little details, and that can disrupt their enjoyment.

For concerts, if you want to see the stage head-on, but be out of the floor hub bub, we recommend checking out section 207. For games, try a lower-level section, like 107, for a great view.

Getting to Moody Center

Moody Center by Car

You can certainly drive to the Moody Center by car and driving directions are provided from every direction on the University website. If you drive, leave extra time for game-day traffic and parking.

Moody Center Parking

As you plan your trip to the Moody Center, take a look at the Parking Map to view where you might leave your car during the game or concert. There are often day-of road closures around the venue, so check the map the day of your event to get details on that information.

How Much Does Moody Center Parking Cost?

There are many different parking garages and lots around the Moody Center. Depending on if you are coming for a concert or game, the lots and prices vary. Parking prices range from $10-$65. You can also get parking reserved in advance, if you wish, when you buy your tickets.

Moody Center by Public Transportation

It is simple to access the Moody Center through public transportation. The CapMetro has several high-frequency routes that travel to the arena, though some do not operate on Saturdays.

The Light Rail stops nearby as well. The Plaza Saltillo Station is the one closest to the Moody Center.

There’s even bike parking if you are close enough to ride in on two wheels.

Hotels Near Moody Center

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Austin

  • AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

  • Hilton Austin

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Austin

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin

Restaurants Near Moody Center

  • Acre 41

  • Goodall’s

  • Moonshine Grill

  • Red Ash

  • Gabriel’s Cafe

Accessibility at Moody Center

The Moody Center is fully compliant with the ADA Act. This venue wants everyone to enjoy equal access so they can have a great experience at any event. Here are some of the things the venue has to offer to those with disabilities:

  • Accessible Seats

  • Assisted Listening Devices

  • Accessible Bathrooms, Changing Tables, and Concessions

  • Elevators

  • Ramps at Entrances

  • Interpreting Services

  • Disabled Parking

  • Wheelchair Assistance

  • Sensory Kits & Rooms

  • Allowance for Service Animals